Israel is committing a Manifest Error


By A Khokar 30 December 2008,


The Israeli air attacks continue even on 5th day. After unleashing havoc by air raids and killing hundreds and maiming of thousands of Palestinian; Israel has put up a blockade for Gaza from sea as well as by road. Demand for cease fire even by European Union has also been turned down. The two rival groups of Hamas and Alfatah in Palestine that they brought their own people to this stage of annihilation of Palestinians at the hands of Jews in Gaza strip is not acceptable at all. Palestinians are being strung into a hold; to suffocate, suffer and die a starved death. This is a crime against humanity. Israel as well as Hamas and Al Fatah are equally responsible.



Sporadic firing of 122 mm Katyusha rockets from Palestinian side into Israel, only cause a superfluous and minimal damage because it is ill aimed and their impact is totally not calibrated. It can be fired in general direction only. Reportedly recent rockets firing has been carried out by certain ghost like groups to attract a bigger offensive that Israel had planned to have the Middle East situation muddled before this that Barrack Obama in US takes over in three weeks time. This air attack happens to be the last kick of Bush administration so that Obama; who has got his own plans to rearrange and run a defused posture of foreign policy at least in Middle East is not able to do it straight away. Fearing the erosion of a U.S proxy status of Israel this escalation was very much expected. Plans were already drawn and were disclosed in Egypt on her visit by foreign Minster (would be prime Minister) Tzipi Livini. The so called retaliation is inappropriate and is an over kill, punishing the innocent civilians is heinous crime against humanity. But this is with the tacit approval of out going U.S administration. As per plan this excursion is likely to end with Israeli occupation of Gaza strip.


But have the Jews forgotten that prior to their mass exodus from Europe; they also used to be the most powerful creed around but their illicit designs and Centuries old habits of deceit brought them a curse like holocaust; which was thrusted upon them so vehemently by European nations. They were murdered and gassed in millions. God earlier gave them a respite but the faculty of human wisdom has probably, once again been taken away from them. They failed to recognise that when they were low of the low, destitute and in dire need of refuge; these Palestinian gave them their homes and shelter! They have also forgot the colossal humiliation in 2006 Southern Lebanon war at the hands of rag-tag Kaytyusha firing Hezbollah warriors. Israel has to erode that humiliation marks from its faces also.


I am afraid that History may not repeat the events of holocaust again!  Israel is certainly committing a manifest error. Most of the Israelis are wise people and I am sure; they may not like to suffer once again; that same untoward happens to them; this time at the hands of destitute Palestinians.



*The oppressor may not know what all lays there in the anguish, spilling blood and tears of oppressed.

*That when it becomes a tsunami and wipes away every assailant along with it.


Love for all, Hatred for none


Updated 31 December 2008

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