Islamic State is secular in its nature.

By A khokar           July 11, 2010

Islam is the modern religion that God has bestowed to the mankind to adopt it as their way of life. God Almighty started moulding its selected people to receive His initial guidance under the command of Ibrahim (as) and then advanced this training cadre for the next many generations in the light of the commandments of Torah; sent through Moses to impart the commandment and to train Israelite…. till they needed reformation and Jesus came.

The Israelite of Moses rejected their reformer—- but the Divine plan of God had to go on; so He brought forward other peoples who happily took the thread of Jesus; and has surely spread the word of God throughout the world. They although took the distorted route but no doubt the Christianity has touched its towering heights with in some 5oo years.

Credit goes to Christians that they disciplined and brought the state of conscious of the entire world to its adult hood. After attaining those heights, this was the right time that after the earlier revelation of ‘set of Commandments of Torah and Bible’, God unfurled his word of wisdom and guidance to complete and finalize His plan. All the graces are for the Almighty that God; revealed His plan through Quran e karim and bestowed His special blessings to Muhammad (saw) and deputed him for the task.

How blessed we are that we belong to the ranks and files of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

With the dawn of final word in Islam; Muslims are asked to put their earnest effort to take His word out to the people in the world; and also to the non-believers who happen to be under the umbrella of Islam in the countries conquered or won by Muslims. So we find that even where we have got Muslims in majority; and Muslims may be governing the affairs of governments; there ought to be the equal rights for all the other citizens.

In any case; Islam stems from Judea (Israelite) and Christian and till the time they do not find themselves convinced with role models presented to them by the people claiming to be Muslims and the recipient of the word of guidance of Quran. They rather remain the most privileged that the normal Muslims; and allowed to stick to their religion and free to go to their churches, synagogues and temples. This is God’s design.

 Accordingly, in order to accommodate others who have not yet joined Islam; God Almighty says;

[2:62].“Surely, the Believers, and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabians — whichever party from among these truly believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds — shall have their reward with their Lord, and no fear shall come upon them, nor shall they grieve.”

 Muslim are supposed to be most educated and articulate enough to introduce the message of Allah to the present day world with logic and reasoning. They have to present themselves as role models in such a way that all the others must envy to follow.

The prerogative of guidance in any case is left with Allah. Muslims are to respect other people’s religion and beliefs and are not suppose to coerce others; because Allah says: [2;256] “There should be no compulsion in religion.”

 Islam statae is secular in its nature; so Muslims must carve the regulation and laws of their countries which is accepted by all and it is to remain as such till everybody on the planet accepts Islam and that is how the Khilafat and Islamic Sharia laws be spelled out. Islam has a long journey ahead. There are about 77% of peoples on this planet out there, who have yet to get convinced to accept Islam as their religion.