Has Pakistan started making too loud noises?

All the US proxies they carry a sell by date and Pakistan seems to have spent that time.

The US-Pak relationship where Pakistan has taken US in friendship but for the US obnoxious and cannibalistic behavior is finding itself frustrated, left high and dry and even its survival seems to be at stake.

This reminds me the unusual courtship tale of ‘Black widow spider’ and of ‘Chinese mantis’ bug as how their courtship rituals are termed.

The praying ‘Black widow spider’ known for its hourglass shape and ‘mantis’ have got the cannibalistic tendencies observed in their mating behavior offered by the females. It is rare that praying mantis mating ends with the male flying off, unharmed.

During the mating; the female mantis beheads her lover. The praying mantis brain is located in his head which controls inhibition, while a ganglion in the abdomen controls the motions of copulation. Absent his head, a male praying mantis will lose all his inhibitions and consummate his relationship with wild abandon.

To satiate her thirst and hunger; for certain, a slow moving and deliberate predator like the praying mantis is not going to pass up an easy meal which ends in consuming of his male partner altogether.

It was all a male mantis for making unfortunate choice of a hungry female for a mate; he is surely going to be toast once they have mated.

The tale of US relation of courtship with Pakistan as US proxy is that of unfortunate mate; who is destined to be consumed as mantis female meal at the end.

The common Pakistanis think that why US must threaten to attack them? How can US forget all the sacrifices made by Pakistan? How more lows this partner may go? Well one must not be surprised that all the predators like ‘mantis’ and ‘Black widows spiders’ carry an instinct of cannibalization which is in their nature. The bad name that world thinks that US has always earned after each adventure of her is just for her instinctive macabre behaviors of a savage arrogant exterminator that US bears.

Long time ago; Henry Kissinger described his best when he said; ‘there are no permanent friends or foe with US; it is only permanent interests’.

All the proxies and mercenaries have got their ‘sell by dates’. President Musharraf who opted to board the US wagon in 2001 was not an exception to this. Musharraf having already been declared as spent cartridge was dictated to hand over the rein of his country to (late) Miss Benazir Bhutto, who was duly groomed by US to be implanted as new proxy in the theatre. But for the fate of her; her demise plucked her away from the scene too early. Whereas her demise was felt a great loss of an able daughter of Pakistan; seemingly the US Grand plan was also seen gone bit awry and she left many more ditches for President Musharraf to cross. One major planned job was to hand over the reins of power to a substitute of Miss Benazir Bhutto while he himself would stay in power. The one who is selected should also act as US proxy.

But Musharraf was unable to cross this last ditch so easily and to take his secure exit route while also clinging to his power. It depended; how trust worthy and credible the substitute, so installed on adhoc basis was?

At the end we got; Zardari; who is every inch a khawwari in his entirety for this country.
History shows that no one could be a better US proxy in Arab world than Saddam Hussein in Iraq. But this business of his; cost him his country as well as a show trial and gallows awaited him at the end to silence him for good.

The ‘Hegemonic Show of US Neocons’ goes on in our region, one could also see that how the inflictions and test-n-trails written for the Pakistani nation on the horizon have continuously been unfolding.

Musharraf was not an exception and it ended in his exile; neither in the present scenario Pakistan would be. There should be no doubt in our minds that US desires that like ‘Black widow spider’ or ‘mantis’ the firsthand witness to the tales of their courtship and the colossal US failures in Afghanistan— Pakistan be seen defanged or silenced for good.

But to their horror, evidently US finds this proxy Pakistan started making too loud noises.