Cowing in Fear is No Option

By A Khokar    July 9, 2010

Terrorism is an evil in itself, which reverberates with the sense of fear it generates among its victims by any sudden blow of a dreadful covert operation under taken by some ruthless coward assailants to fulfil their vested interests. They carry out their attacks against the soft public prime targets in order to disrupt the life and terrorise the society. The terrorists they believe that their acts of terror, savagery or the carnage may best serve them in cowing the population and bring them into submission to their designs? After every act of subversion where terrorist feel that peoples or the security authorities have shown signs of cowing or are finding their normal life threatened or endangered. For terrorist that is a win, win situation in their camps.

In the present state of turmoil in Pakistan; sudden occurrence of bomb blasts at any national high value target like Daata Darbar may be a bizarre devastating blow but it must not be counted as a far out and unusual act. Many advanced countries, claiming to be the lands of peace and security like the Britain in Europe, have also stayed gripped in turmoil and anarchy spread by the terrorists for long many years. IRA kept on unleashing their terror through bomb blasts, killing of people and wide scale arson on the main land— Britain. This group had also a strong backing of a segment of society in Northern Island which they were using as their base. They fought for many years but ‘rock like resilience’ and an unflinching resolve of British government showed only one thing to the terrorist that Britain will not scum to IRA terrorising tactic and their tactics may not work. The terrorists ultimately could find no way out but to budge and were forced to renounce terrorism.

 Reportedly; the TTP (Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan) the brain child of CIA in Pakistan was using its tactics of savagery and terror to subdue the people in their area of influence. But owing to the military operations they were flushed out from Northern areas of Swaat Malakand and Waziristan —But: somehow they managed to trickle out and come and melt down into other religious militant groups of Punjab like Lashkare jhangwi, Jaesh e Muhammad and Sepah e sahaba of Pakistan. Ironically; TTP who was said to have confined to Northern areas, has achieved a greater surge in her forces by joining the Extremist in Punjab and have multiplied itself many times and—- so have CIA covert operations.

 Consequently; there seems to be developing the most dangerous situation in Pakistan especially in Punjab province as most of the political parties, in as well as outside of the parliament are known to have their special relations with aforesaid religious militant groups. That is to say that any times soon the entire political system in Punjab may scum to the covert operations orchestrated by CIA and masses may be held ransom to the extremists.

This seems to be the ripe time for the religious extremist group when the reeking rein of terrorism has covertly been handed over to them by TTP with money sacks full of CIA money. Reportedly, terrorist have got the firm grip on the handle of terrorism in Punjab and this may the right time for them to strike the desired cord and to come in power.

 Till the times TTP was confined to the northern areas; we had an option to challenge them and may say that we may not be cowing in fear and terror spread by them and that we may not alter our way of life, the rights of our liberty, the freedom and our understanding of religion that we believe as best;—– but now; that may be no more an option.

 Our fight against the terrorism demands that we must carve a clear cut national anti- terrorism policy; which unfortunately we don’t have. But first and far most should be that; the terrorist be declared the ‘Traitors of Pakistan’. All political parties ought to distance themselves from the terrorist groups and their abettors be ‘named and shamed’. The nation be mobilized on war footings and warned. A clear message ought to be sent to the terrorist camps …; that there is No fear and No cowing in the face of their created anarchy.