Is Kazzab Nabi; Just a taboo attached to Yusuf Ali or a Reality?


By A Khokar

In Pakistan AlMohsin Yusuf Ali is publically known as a cult leader in Pakistan who is perceived to have claimed to be a prophet of the time. A case of blasphemy against him was moved in the court and he was sentenced to death by a Session Court; not for his original charge of being Imposter nabi that it was not proved as such but on declaring himself as Khalifa. The other charge of raping number of women was also not proved. It is said that later he was murdered by some known fidayee while he was in the jail awaiting hearing of his appeal.

Soon after Yusuf Ali was sentenced, there are scores of decrees (FATWAS) on record, issued against him by Ulemas of the time. Almost all the fatawas declared him a Kazzab nabi and be condemned to death for his Blasphemous libel act.

But, in none of the Fatawas, this can be ascertained that any clerics issuing decree was the first hand witness of Yusuf Ali case neither they are seen basing their decree that whether Yusuf Ali was proved as Kazzab in the court of law or not. Fataws are seen released on whims and on hear say, without an authenticity of the charge. Almost all the Clerics are basing their opinion, merely on un-authentic reporting and what all they read in the news papers.

This act of clerics amounts to passing on of wrong and ill-conceived information and also giving a religious colour of decree to it? Nowhere this is claimed that proper and due consideration was given to investigate, prior to the issuance of decrees.

The Session Court in any case did not say that Yusuf Ali was an Imposter prophet and neither called him Kazzab. He was sentenced on calling himself; Khalifa only. But question arises that who labeled him-as Kazzab nabi? Here, this should be no surprise for anyone that a particular news paper which coined and known to have spiced up this word Kazzab; is Khabrain news paper of Lahore that they had initially moved a fraud case of money/ property against Yusuf Ali in the court. Yusuf Ali happened to be the business partner and bosom friend of Mr. Zia Shahid, the chief editor of Daily Khabrain- Lahore.

On finding that their money recovery case was not meeting the desired success in the court; the personal enmity and rancor of Mr Zia Shahid against Yusuf Ali, is seen coming in play and very cleverly this case was twisted and turned in the directions of declaring Yusuf Ali  a cult leader and with the mala fide intent to defame him. Mr Zia Shahid also knew Yusuf Ali as a spiritual leader.

Anyhow both the new charges so leveled up against Yusuf Ali; of raping women and declaring him as nabi, were not proved in the court. He was declared innocent on both the charges set against him. This is also on record that where as Ulemas were quick to issue decrees but none from Ulemas ever filed their evidences against Yusuf Ali in the court.

Some of the jail mates were infuriated to the extent that Yusuf Ali was murdered in the jail before he could move his appeal against his sentence and prove himself otherwise. Hence a firsthand witness was silenced for good.

Anyhow question arises that who are really Kazzab here: 

·         The one who are pushing their Kazzab nabi concoction coloured and wrapped up in the infamous blasphemy tortilla down our throats —and are seen sounding this trumpets on high pitch.    

·          Or the man who was not proved an imposter in the court as Kazzab nabi that he did not hide anything what he claimed.         

·         Or —the people who wanted to see Yusuf Ali defunct after losing their money    recovery case in the court and very conveniently labeled the man as Kazzab nabi and also murdered him in vengeance at will?

In any case; most of the ulemas are not seen standing on firm grounds here upholding the flag of truth but are seen gone along with the perception influenced by Khabrain news paper with the mala fide intent and in the direction of the wind that Editor Zia Shahid intended to blow.







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