Is Chicken coming back Home to Roost

After listening to the news that Ex-President Pervez Musharraf is retuning back home during January 2012; it looks as ‘chicken is coming back home to roost’— but is that the case?

Musharraf may be maligned for many things being a dictator but there is no denial that present Pak government was installed under US directive by Musharraf to lend Pakistan a democratic face that it was felt by the US that while dealing with Pakistan, US should be dealing with a legitimate Democratic government. So Musharraf was tasked to orchestrate a program to arrange n fix Elections and install PPP government head by Miss Benazir Bhutto. For last few years Miss Bhutto was on self-exile and was being trained and nurtured by US to come, land back home and take over from Musharraf. Musharraf had arranged NRO (National reconciliation order) to give an open amnesty to Miss Bhutto including Nawaz Sharif and their teams for their safe landing to arrive back.

But sadly Miss Bhutto was assassinated soon after her arrival for his alleged show of defiance to US but subject plan remained intact and Musharraf handed over the government to new arrived team as per plan.

Miss Bhutto was certainly an ill-visioned politician with her poor choice of timings that having agreed with US; she soon after her arrival in Pakistan started showing an open defiance to her agreed US plan, notwithstanding that US was capable enough to eliminate her; if she would be seen jeopardizing the  plan. And we saw that sooner she was seen stepping out–she got herself eliminated and then—as luck would have it; Pakistanis end up having a man like Asif Ali Zardari as their President.

Now even after a laps of some four years, down the lines, although façade of democracy is in place to show but Musharraf agreed policies and terms with US; even in his absentia on exile are being implemented in true letter and spirit. During this period, US has paid in billions to Pakistan and we can safely term the above democratic change in Pakistan, that whether there be Dictatorial or Civilian government—-this is the change that there is no—Change.

There is lot of rhetoric that we are coming across being hurled against the previous dictatorial regime but it is hard to find a single event whereby we may witness that present government or the opposition has made some different moves against the Musharraf’s agreed policies with US. Even in his absentia on his self-exile; may these be military or governmental commitments on WOT or even on the drone attacks in FATA; every single term is being implemented as in its true letter and spirit.

We may well say that—this ‘chicken is coming home to roost’ but it looks as he was arriving back only to check that all was going well as per given US plan. Leave aside the usual rhetoric in the press of his arrest etc. That seems hypocritical to keep the political arena heated and these may be simple bubbles which are appearing on surface only to burst. Reportedly there are some of the serious cases made up against him for his alleged implication in Miss Benazir Bhutto assassination as to show that he may be arrested on his arrival but I think his lawyers are smart enough to arrange a pre arrival bale for him for these over politicized cases.

Anyhow his services can be graded as commendable ( from US point of view) that he trekked some extra miles for his masters— even at the cost of his own president ship but he made it sure that he hands over the rein of government as dictated by US to newly installed stooges.

Example of Miss Bhutto’s elimination was in front him and yes he could not dare to betray his masters and he did what was told. But he is a clever commando  and knows how to wade through and survive — that is how today he is… live and kicking and waiting in the wings for a come back.