Iraqi Insurgency Doctrine is unfolding in Pakistan

 By A khokar    July 3, 2010

This is very much feared that Daata Darbr incident at Lahore may prove to be the most tragic incident and a black day of our history. But this factor is very encouraging that most Pakistanis, they do understand that the specific ideologies that certain Muslims sects very earnestly follow and also try to force upon others in the name of God; they happen to be generating lot of misgivings and unrest in the society.  Somehow our enemy to see us go down; may also make use of these indifferences to incite and escalate hatred among  sects which sometimes ends up in severe violence and killing of the opponents.  In present day and time this is named as a counter insurgency doctrine by the oppressing forces like US, to subdue the targeted people; where very limited amount of Regular Armed forces may be employed to achieve big results. The known infamous agencies like Blackwater may be contracted out and they are considered as more than sufficient to carry out all such jobs.

The example of Iraq is in front of us; where Shia and Sunni have been living were used to live side by sides in peace and harmony for centuries… that even the last 8 years long war of attrition fought between Iraq and Iran could not make a wedge between them. But later, we also saw that when US launched a war to conquer Iraq— and that even after Iraqi President Saddam was sent down the Gallows; the defeated Iraqi were still seen united as one united nation. The Victory that Americans were longing for in Iraq— they could not achieve.

To make this victory possible; US initiated a second phase of attack to disintegrate the Iraqi society as a whole through subversive actions—for which the sacred Shia shrines like Ali mosque, Hazrat Imam Husain tomb and other Sufis shrines of Sunnis; were attacked one after other and destroyed. In which both the sects were seen blaming each other. This is how society was incited to reach to each other’s throat. They have destroyed themselves and Iraqi society is seen now lay bare; totally devastated—-. That is how the enemy finally achieved his victory in Iraq. Ironically, Iraqi handed over this victory to US by destroying themselves with their own hands.

It is more than clear now that how the enemy has been pelting ton of bags filled with money in Iraq… especially to the tribal leaders of Sunnis and bribing the Shia mullahs on other hand. This US victory in Iraq was brought— by General David Petraeus who is, now a new US Commander for Afghanistan assigned to bring a victory for US which is seen lost in Afghanistan.

Please be warned that in Af-Pak; American have their plan to subdue Pakistan before they can said to have their firm foot hold in Afghanistan and to convert it to the US central hub of Command of the future of the world.

The operation to deplete Pakistan is very much on. US War horses have since been changed. Although Pakistan is seen considerably depleted but US has realised that, neither its society; nor its Gallant Armed forces be brought to their knees so easily. The enemy has extensively been using his TTP, since installed in Pakistan as a tool to carry out attacks against military and its installations—- to undermine their authority and security of Pakistan; Alhamdo lillah; they found our Pak gallant Forces —as invincible.

The previous Lahore attack on Ahmadies mosques; which may be called the most despicable act that it was a big blow for the community but it can be said that it was mere an exercise to elevate the status (since found eroded) of TTP by exciting the prevalent hatred against Ahmadies. It was felt that TTP previous subversive actions were proving to be futile and this tool was seen blunt and needed sharpening.

The Daata Darbar Attack indicates that how an old tried and tested doctrine of ‘Gen David Petraeus in Iraqi implied to subdue a society and to make them scum and bring them in US fold is being unfurled through TTP and her cohorts in Pakistan.

Ironically; as a matter of the fact the implied doctrine to come in power through violence and the ideology of killing of people of other sects and self rewarding is very much there and we definitely know that we have. A pace has already been set that how stooges like TTP or the others who have coined TTP ideology have become a tool to have incited a sectarian violence and civil unrest in the society.

We surely have not to scum to the enemy designs and must decide that we will not become a tool in enemy’s hand to destroy ourselves.