Intelligence Squared–See you there sir

Pervez Musharraf in Conversation: An Intelligence Squared Event to be held on 29 September 2010

See you there sir

And will ask you a simple question that;

After the demise of Benazir Bhutto, if only you could postponed the general elections and today; we would have not seen the looter and pilferers in shape of Zardari and his cohorts imposed on our heads….

Possibly you too would have been still there occupying the cozy seat of President that you loved the most.

But you simply could not evaluate or anticipate and chalk out a simple contingency plan to postponed the Election and give nation a cooling off period…after the sad demise of BB. How come you are thinking of leading this nation once again from front? Bear in mind that all the generals; they have their one life and you have spent that.

You came out but left the nation fixed in the clutches of the savage convicted criminals— some eight thousand of them that you set them free by issue of infamous NRO.

How could this nation—forget and forgive you?