India Rocks in Afghanistan

BY A Khokar   May 14, 2010

This has been the earnest desire of India that it could exercise a full control over this region. Afghanistan offers a strategic hub from where this entire region full of economic resources can effectively be kept in control.

Middle East, Iran, Pakistan and other Central Asian States like Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan for these countries Afghanistan remains in the centre. Who so ever can exercise power and influence and has Afghanistan under their feet; world is theirs. USA is here for the same.

 In order to just avail a respite; a reduction of US allied forces has been announced but this may never happen that US will go away.

India being a declared strategic partner of USA, a limited leeway is allowed by USA to India and reportedly India is reasonably established now in Afghanistan. Most of the construction contracts like construction of Afghanistan parliament. TV stations, Bridges on the high ways, universities and colleges contracts are all with India.

 The main super high way connecting Iran for access to Arabian Gulf at Iranian mega sea port Chabahar located next to Gowader is constructed by India. Construction of a main bridge on Iranian border; where others failed, India has recently constructed successfully and in 2007(if I am not wrong); it was handed over to Afghan government. All the telephone systems contracts are with India. For all this India is running some 11 conciliates in Afghanistan. India’s military presence is also being enhanced.

Whereas in this scenario Pakistan is considered a Vega bond that everyone likes to hate. So it remains in the grip of anarchy and chaos induced by CIA and RAW of India that world out there wants to see Pakistan depleted and defanged.

Meri dunya lut rahee thi, aur main behoosh tha

Tuckray, tuckray dil kay chunta;kis ko itna hosh tha

 TTP since fully paid, supported and trained is the tool in the hands of USA and India. Because we have certain elements that would love to act as mercenaries and may do anything for money; they may sell even the entire Pakistan.

Ghairoon ko kab fursat hey dukh dainay ki

Jab houta hey; koee Apna hum dum hoata hey