India is Poised to Take over Af-Pak War Theatre

By A Khokar     16 November 2009

 Once again the US rhetoric of Quetta shura is in spin which indicates that US is now all out to push her Afghanistan war inside Pakistan. Pak government has expressed its ‘surprise’ at the latest volatile interview of US Ambassador Anne W Patterson and said that there was clearly a “huge disconnect” between Washington and the US Embassy in Islamabad.

This rhetoric of Quetta Shura from the US was very much expected and predicted that in the wake of Pak Army ongoing operation in FATA area and successes thus achieved that now it is matter of days only that it will be clear beyond any doubts that whether AL Qaeda is present any more there in Waziristan  or not. If at all Osama bin Laden is there he too will be captured or killed. This must mark an end of US original mission and plan of capturing Osama bin Laden in this area for which the entire ‘US war on terror’ was initiated.

In Afghanistan, it is said that practically 80 % of the land in Afghanistan is under the control of Taliban. Leaving aside some cities, Taliban are in full control of all the rural areas without any hindrance. US is even paying huge sums to the Afghani security firms escorting the transporting coveys of food, rations, utilities and arms and ammunition for NATO forces with in Afghanistan. These security firms are reportedly paying Taliban to allow them to run their business which happens to be a major source of funding for Taliban. In view of this it will be absurd to even imagine that Mullah Omer needs to be living along with his lieutenants (which form Mullah Omer’s Shura) in exile in Quetta Pakistan and stay some hundreds of mile away from their actual bases of command and operations.


 One can understand the nerve racking desperation of US forces high command that they could not attain the desired victory in their 8 years long operation in Afghanistan.

This is an open secret now that in the face of their defeat US command is looking for a face saving exit and they are trying their best to cut a deal with Taliban command and to give them the due share in Afghan government. Re-Election of President Karzai for another five years is yet another blow to the US plans.

 But Pakistan has to be very vigilant that although US are admitting that they have suffered a defeat in Afghanistan. But we are to experience a very abhorrent and a grim display of US character in this process that once again US  is likely to abandon Afghanistan leaving all— high n dry and hung in despair and anarchy.

Obama is showing his reluctance to send the additional 40000 troops as requested by General McChrystal. Reportedly the man fears that it may cause further escalation of war that US may not afford to undertake the huge intake of funding that may incur at this stage. Anyhow a batch of troops for training of Afghan Army and Police forces is being considered to be sent instead.

But on other hand this is already under consideration that in order to have a face saving exit; US can always ask India to take charge of the PAK- Afghan war theatre that India is since long longing for to be recognised as the local super power. India is already involved in most of the construction works like high ways, roads, construction of infrastructures and other buildings like schools, power plants, TV stations and universities etc in Afghanistan. India does have some eleven consulates established there and Indian Armed forces are already plying in Afghanistan in the name of the security of its work force. India is also in possession of Farkhor (Ayni) air base in neighbouring Tajikistan which is couple of miles away from Afghan borders across Yahsu River meant to sabotage China trade route in the north.

In the light of above it is being felt necessary and impending upon US and India to devise and bring up a turning point in the war theatre in order to avail an enabling pretext to undertake this new plan. The prevalent state of anarchy found in Pakistan has to be turned into utter chaos and mayhem by increasing the covert actions and consequently declaring the situation in Pakistan most volatile and grievous. To ablaze the war theatre further a full fledge war against Pakistan on some pretext or the other has to be launched.

It will be a new war, a face saving war to pull back US troops from Afghanistan and at the same time hand this war theatre to India and to enable the new proxy India to secure a potent Indian presence in Afghanistan on Pakistan western borders—— which is but eminent— signs are very much there.