In Pakistan; Democracy may not be our Cup of Tea

By A Khokar • Nov 12th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story • (4,043 views) • 

All the learned people of Pakistan know that as a national strategy, to fend off the evil designs of our arch enemy India; Pakistan is keeping its western borders (Durand line) between Pakistan and Afghanistan as porous in order to avail a national defenses depth inside Afghanistan at least in Pashtun influenced enclave extending from FATA Pakistan to Jalalabad- Kabul and beyond.

Having known this strategy; Maulana Fazlur Rehman (JUI-F) while enjoying his hay days of previous JUI and JI government in NWFP province, during Musharraf regime,  his party along with Jammat e Islami have been busy in manipulating the affairs along the border line. CIA could well evaluate all these developments and infiltrated their lines. After paying them the hefty perks these stooges were made as CIA honey buns mercenaries and thus were made to yield on CIA dictates to hatch a Tehrik; named as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to facilitate US game in the region. The sole purpose of Tehrik was to destabilize the provincial government as well as create a wide spread anarchy in the country. With the view to hijack the Pakistani known national strategy the Pashtun clans were instigated under the cover of enforcement of Sharia laws by Tehrik to declare a separate major Pashtun enclave as Emirate on both sides of border(from Fata to Kabul and beyond).

At the eve of recent send off of dictatorial regime in Pakistan; country political situation remained very much raw and fluid. The TTP found it an opportunity and created a turmoil to destabilize the country through series of bomb blasts and other suicidal missions. Pakistan had reached at the brink where the game was about to go out of Pakistan’s hand. There was a coup like situation particularly in FATA and NWFP; that when Pak army decided to move in to retrieve the lost grounds. The traitor ‘Fazlur- the Hypocrite’ was in charge of this show of treason with an aim to see Pakistan disintegrated and to declare a new state as his Emirate.

But after Army action has gone in and situation on ground is  now seen some what in control; President Zardari rather than pin pointing the culprits of treason; offered Fazlur the largesse’s in shape of ministerial posts and other fringe benefits to bring him and his cohorts, so called religious group serving the National Assembly and Senate,  into his fold.

It is said that democratic form of government is the best form of government— but probably Democracy is only for the people who are patriots; who care for the laws of the land; can spare their lives for the sake of honour of their home land and the people; who really love their countries. To what avail is the sham democracy in Pakistan where traitors are offered even the ministries? Reportedly same card was played in Baluchistan also to defuse another set of traitors and separtist group like Baluchistan Liberation Army and Baluchistan Conservative Army. They have also been awarded different ministries. But what happens if CIA pelts a bigger money sack at the door of Fazlur or Baluchis groups[1]? Bajur and Swat are being tackled in ‘first phase’ by Pak Army where as second bigger phase to sort out the remnants of  ‘War on Terror’ known culprits; like Al Qaeda and Taliban( Mullah Omar & co) are using their dens in North and South Waziristan, which is yet to commence.

The country is at the verge of bankruptcy and largesse’s are being dished out to the traitors, simply to get them in the ruling party fold and thus increase the number of seats in assemblies. Can this be called a democracy?

 Is the democracy really a cup of tea of…. Pakistanis? No not at all….Forget it— till the time the people here do pledge their loyalty and initiate their oath of patriotism for this country.


[1] Passay dey eh putar sarray; bhalio bhaian dukannan, says Anwer Masood