If the Tomatoes and Cucumber was the Only Export ?

With what ever cleverness, the corporate western media portrays and tries to articulate the case of ‘Global war on Terrorism’ and justify the invasion of sovereign countries in the name of promoting peace; like Iraq or (now) Iran in the Middle East on the flimsy pretexts or go sit in Afghanistan with a hope to bring this future nerve centre of natural energy resources in US fold; the fact remains that future of terrorism is bleak and it is bound to end up in desperation and frenzy.

The myth of war on terrorism has no moral stands and bears no ethical grounds to stand on. The vile choices of few assailants; the big wicks like United States may feel respited for some time while pursuing their vicious designs and evil choices, pursuing the aim to forcibly subjugate the innocent people and siphon up the energy resources of this area to run the western oil edict economies through deceit and fallacy; this exercise virtually amounts to depriving and robbing the indigents. The committal of atrocities by the western forces in Middle East in persuasion of the rapacious greed is enormous and it is a crime against humanity, openly being committed.

In the process, where as in Middle East western violence has learnt how to parcel it self out neatly; the blood of corpuses; is blamed on, so called Jihadists, putting up the resistance. Consequently they end up being caught and are dealt with summarily for their execution. If the Tomatoes and Cucumber was the only export from Middle East; there would have been no invasion of Iraq; no mega bases and military presence; no infestation of seas of Middle Eastern peninsula with navel fleets; no mass killing of defence less innocent people; no toppling of government; no perk for proxies like Pakistan; no missile attacks and carpet bombing; no show trail for silencing the witnesses like Saddam Hussein and sending them down the gallows; no draconian sanctions against Iran restricting them to gain knowledge and technology required to defend their honour and country; no subjugation or oppression of people; no displacement of million of people and no agents like Israel assigned with a task to keep the battle heated up.

The life of Muslim being victimised in the area is but a misery! In the global war against Terror; for US Neocons (the US Conservative Think Tank) the term Jihad has proved to be a magic wand to push forward the agenda of their hegemonic adventurism. First the term Jihad was used to scramble the Muslim devotees forces (Mujahideen) from all over the Muslim World to fight Soviet Union and topple the Soviet Empire ;( Pakistan as a proxy was the conductor of that US war) the same term was later twisted and turned against Mujahideen (as they had now merged with Taliban forces); and renamed as Jihadi terrorists. With this back drop, the incident of Trade Centre debacle of 9/11 proved to be a drop scene. A faction of Taliban called Al Qaeda was indicted for attack, which brought the havoc in already a war torn society of Afghanistan.

US carried out a wide spread missile attack and carpet bombing in Afghanistan. Although the religion of the operatives, supposedly Islam, has got nothing to do with there deeds but by accepting the responsibility of 9/11 by Al Qaeda and their rhetoric, did give a boost to advance-n-enable US to establish a ‘moral and political grounds’ and gave enough reasoning to term Al Qaeda as enemy of the humanity. Very conveniently US think tanks utilise the opportunity to build up a potent pretext to wage a war called as ‘Global War Against Terrorism’ in order to move into many more lands to grab them and turn them into their military mega bases. The modification to the meanings of jihad and to re-term it as ‘Terrorism’ has enabled US and Allies to justify the invasion and other moves in Iraq as well as to occupy Afghanistan as their …legitimate operations.

The concocted myth of Al Qaeda;[1] a state less, invisible and imaginary ferocious enemy has enabled the Allied Forces to bring the Islamic lands of most ‘lucrative energy resources’ in their folds. This forsaken myth has also blemished the virtual sacred standing of Islam. The baleful conduct of Al Qaeda and Taliban has also ridiculed the final Religion of peace and wisdom to shame on this planet. While there is anarchy, disillusion and mayhem spreading in the Islamic World; these Al Qaeda hirelings are filling their coffers with wealth for hoisting the decoy flags of Terrorism up, while sitting in the ‘spin ghar’ caves of Tora Bora or in the terrorism breeding dens in Fata- Pakistan; but the lives of many more millions Muslims around the world is turning into absolute misery.

——————[1]’Zatti nee Kon-kirlee tay shehteeraan nun jhapphay’