Hum barbaad ho gaey

Sometimes the sky above us brings up unique colours to display. Zardari who would have never thought of becoming a President even in his dreams but with a single jolt which pushed her wife Benazir Bhutto up for the heavens… brought him on the thrown as a supreme commander and President—– not only of this unfortunate land but of BB’s political party; PPP too.

It was, as man has got a lottery doors opened for him…. Same was the case for American CIA that what a man they got in lieu of Benazir Bhutto who had lately turned somewhat defiant against the will and wishes of America. Zardari was a perfect substitute.

When loot is the free option; who would not indulge in it —-and then we saw that how the entire entourage of his creed landing in Islamabd went on pilfering spree. Any asset of this land that they could lay hand on was subjected to loot and turned into dirt.

This has crippled the entire society and all the institutions and services like railway, transport, industries with no fuel, electricity or gas have come to a grinding halt.

Hum barbaad ho gaey

I will bear repeating that more than half the public is job less. I recently visited Pakistan and saw that most of the food and commodities items of daily consumptions are sold at European or UK rates; whereas an average person in Pakistan just earns Pak Rs.7000 and monthly earning of even a low class person in UK is in Pak Rupees about 175,000. Ratio comes to 1:25. What is this justification of price hike in Pakistan on this scale?

But where is this civil society of our which somehow is showing its reluctance to come out and fiercely demand the eviction of the stooges installed in Islamabad. These stooges are fast selling this nation to foreign forces, reducing every national asset to ashes and conspiring to deplete and defang the only saviour institution of Pakistan; the Pak Armed forces?