US is Hoisting the Victory Flags over ruins


This may be accepted that owing to Bin Laden frail health that man was in need of his regular medical attention to clear his infected kidneys and he might have been allowed to live at a secluded location near a city like Abbotabad, where medical support was easily available but it is hard to believe that ISI would allow a raid at a place which is deep inside Pakistan and that too in a high profile cantonment area of Kakul Academy.

Pakistan is US all weathers proxy and knows it well as how to deal with ever changing scenarios related to war against terror. This is also agreeable that ISI might be keeping Bin laden at this place to eventually hand over to US as a prized trophy so that US may show his dead body to mark a Victory in the ‘War against Terror’ and may also attain a face saving Exit from Afghanistan. But one is unable to comprehend that Bin laden handover drama is played in Abbotabad and not in FATA area — that too with the tacit approval or agreement of ISI. As moving of Bin laden to FATA area which is a declared place of contention in the war against terror would not be difficult for ISI.

The Conduct of raid by US seal team 6 in Abbotabad and to kill and bring a dead Bin Laden at this stage is not only a surprise for all but it amounts to stealing and hijacking the ISI (would be) plan—- which was expected to be held later sometime in Mid-June or so before the scheduled departure of US from Afghanistan in July.

Carrying out of raid at this juncture also shows the ill will of US. Creation of this premature fiasco for Pakistan certainly amounts to giving a blow to ISI and the Pakistan.  This act also reveals US evil designs and her preparation for softening the grounds for an Armageddon against Pakistan that in her relationship with Pakistan it has always been feared. Henry Kissinger famous saying may not be ignored that ‘America has no enemies or friends; just American interests.

It also shows that US may never abandon this region as she fears that US absence from this area will surely be filled by an emerging power; the roaring lion in the north—-China.

Having said all above there are other aspects to the life of style of the people living in Osam Bin laden ‘s compound and there are details connected to the subject hideout that as how their habitants were not known to the other peoples in the vicinity. The world out there may be saying anything and everything and possibly make us believe that high profile target like Bin Laden was allowed to live there by ISI; this may or may not be true but one thing is for sure that the peoples around this compound were unaware of the fact that a high profile target like Bin Laden was living his last days of life in that compound for last five years.

 The latest videos coming out of the compound shows that although it was a big compound which was constructed some six years ago but presently this place does not show that in anyway a well to do family was staying in there. A frail ailing person like Bin Laden who probably had not stepped out of his green gate of compound for last so many years was banking on the money for him and his family coming from abroad. Killing Bin Laden in this compound where one could expect that life was but a misery. The World super power—like US may be hoisting the victory Flags over the ruins.

Why everything here remained concealed for so long and  outsides of the watchful eyes of ISI? Here the phenomena of culture observing a strict parda in a conservative society in this part of the world comes in play as there is no place for peeping toms in the society especially in the north west country side of Pakistan of which Abbotabad is part.  There are some three million Afghan refugees  scattered throughout in the country and mostly they live together in self constructed houses forming a secluded cluster like habitats. The inhabitants live their own life with their peculiar Afghani –Pashtun way of life. Knowing it well that they observe strict parad and veil people are not bothered. It literally make their areas as no go area for any outsider and may not know as how many and who all are living in a particular house.

But it is not a matter of letting Osama hide here  and neither may we say that probably US or Pak authorities were not in knowledge of Osama presence in Pakistan. As allies both are boarding the same boat and know each other well. Only we may say that in wake of prevalent distrust between them they only were keeping their cards closer to themselves.

US was seeing no victory in her declared war against terrorism and was all set to pelt all sort of blames on Pakistan and get out. Whereas Pakistan had a superior plan to avert this all; although would adopt a sheepish method by throwing bate for US— of killing Bin laden to avail the opportunity which US may take willingly.

With this pakistani plan; it would save both the allies; there would be reason to celebrate victory by US by capturing and killing Bin laden and for Pakistan too in shape of minting some billions in return and also averting the war as well as the blame. But all this has been done by US—- from ISI point of view as prematurely.

Anyhow, after spending a long time pursuing terror and incurring trillions of dollars as a loss to US and thousands of Muslims and others who got perished in the way of tracking him; finally he was found in an hide out as a frail ailing Bin laden who was probably spending his last days of his life with his condition soon to be on ventilator. Sadly a frail man was killed cold blooded by US navy seals in his bed room simply to bring home a Victory for US.

Other than his wives, a housemaid and one or two servants; navy seal could not find anything worthwhile except few old disused videos being called as treasure trove. But what the peoples saw was; some 13 medicine Bottles lined up at his side table for the man.

After killing Osama Bin Laden; lately US is seen reluctant to show a picture of their kill; even the mutilated figure of  a frail man reduced to no more than a Skelton; does haunt American.


 Edited for calrity May 8, 2011