Hezbollah’s Passion: A New lesson of war


By A Khokar      

In the recent history of Middle East; Hezbollah’s passion demonstrated in the Lebanon War 0f 2006 has shown a new way to the Arabs in particular and also to all the resilient resistance movements struggling for their freedom around the world that nothing dares standing in the way of their ‘will power’.

A rag-tag Hezbollah; when showed their steadfastness and resilience; it brought forth the miracles emerging from the rubbles of south Lebanon and so called an invincible Israeli army met a humiliating defeat at the Latini River. Hamas is about to repeat the same history in Gaza, when the streets of Gaza will be seen turned into grave yards of invading Armors of Israeli army at the hands of Hamas.

Who can stand in the way of men of steel trekking the path of Allah; where fear is no policy and surrender is no option. They sacrifice their today; so that others may live their tomorrows.

The phenomenon of death has never been a consideration for these believers except it bestows them with a win, win situation on both the ends. If you are successful you are the Ghazi, victorious and if you die; you are a martyr.

Long live freedom fighters of Hamas. May God be with the just people and relieve them of their pains and inflictions.


Love for all, Hatred for None