Pakistan: In Shifting Sands

By A Khokar   24 June 2009



If we take the usual defamatory rhetoric in the press about President Pervez Musharraf out—- that the man availed a lateral entry to come to the power and took an infamous action of U-Turn after incident of 9/11 but reality is that there he was who ruled us for eight long years as a President of Pakistan. He carried his infamous baggage of U-Turn with him till his last but today we find ourselves some how toeing the same line of his— saying NO to Taliban that he was infamous for. That is the reality and we may not be able to disregard this fact.



Historically speaking after the incident of 9/11 he took a U-Turn in respect of Taliban who were using our soil as their bases to fight for the freedom of their country- Afghanistan. Our society had shifted then far right side in favour of Taliban and in the face of it for his U-Turn— the entire society offered him a severe displeasure. He got lot of nagging for it and in many circles the man is almost denounced as defunct.


But the reality is that his U-turn meant that we say No to Taliban in Pakistan and all the dens and sanctuaries of Al Qaeda on our soil. Evict them from our lands along with their cohorts and other abettors. The man also earned US administration for it and Pakistan did get funding for the subject excursion. But Taliban and their beneficiaries were probably too strong and man was unable to gather sufficient support to turn the public far right opinion in favour of cleansing or eviction of Taliban that they were able to induce a religious spell in the society under the garb of their religious displayed piety. But against all the odds— the man carried on with his mission till his last.  


It has taken us few years to catch up to his vision and realise that the stance of his U-Turn that we were so weary about; rather we are now forced to admit the hard fact [1] in shifting sands that—– YES; the man was right to say No to Taliban and the terrorists then[2


It is never too late to come to senses and catch up to the vision of the man and his dream theme that lately we are compelled to devise some ways and means, even to play up some tricks like use of ‘Nizam e Adil’ card and other media visual of Taliban savage insanity to shift the public opinion to at least ‘centre-right’ and turn it in favour of cleansing of menace of Taliban thorough military operations. Fortunately, for the benevolence of Pak armed forces and their devotion for our country, there are great successes on the horizon in this regard. Hopefully the ongoing military operations meet their desired successes.  It will be unfortunate not to admit that our well sought exercise for restoring a normalcy in the society is simply a revival and toeing to the old given line by the man— since gone off the scene.


Matter of the fact is that his vision lives and today we find that the entire Pakistan is all out— determined to wage a decisive war against Taliban and their cohorts ——-but ironically their known abettors are still hanging around in the lobbies of Islamabad trying to twist the facts. They are busy in shifting the opinion back to old grounds to save their skins but probably the era of duplicity in Pakistan is now over for the manufacturers of deception forces like MMA and JUI Fazlur Rehman,  Jammat e Islami, Tehrik e Insaf and bunch of desperate of ML(N) with the urge to be called as Amir ul Momineen group. They are on the run and finding no place to hide or escape the ‘naming and shaming’ which is but destined for them.


The pearls and the jewels of successes found studded on our horizon by the determined efforts of patriot and zealous sons and daughters of this dreamland— they ought to glitter and sparkle to give us the light, the hope to the people of this dreamland and make our dreams beautiful.


So let’s give credit where credit is due and it must go to the present day government and for their courageous and bold initiative to manage and unite the entire nation on one platform and for their efforts to make the vision of bygone man to relive, and—- to our saviors—our men and officers of Armed forces for laying their lives for their home land and for their bold operations to cleanse our dream land – Pakistan; free of menace of terrorism. 


 [1] Jo Aankh dil ki khulee; tou mosam tha khizaan ka.

[2] Haaey; us zood Pashamaan ka pasheymaan hoona.



[Phalla pholaa rahey Ya Rab, chamman meri umeedoun kaa]

[Jigar kaa khoon dey dey kar yeh bootay main ney palay hain]