Harnessing the Jasmine Revolution in Egypt

By A khokar January 31, 2011

Fear is that; this revolution may not be hijacked by US

Revolutions have no borders; Jasmine Revolution once started in Tunisia is likely to bring some good reforms and it has rightly mobilized the people across the Tunisian borders throughout in Arab world. In Tunisia this revolution could only be materialized that its Armed Forces command was bold enough to say No to President Ben Ali but in Egypt; the Egyptian Military itself is in command of Egypt. Hosni Mubarak is a general like Musharraf in Pakistan and is propped up by US to keep a peace in his area the way US want him to do. As Pakistan is being paid enough to keep the terrorism live and kicking on her own land; so is Egypt paid to guard the Suez Canal to keep this bottle neck open and ensure that US oil supply keeps flowing. To maintain peace with Israel is another issue which Egypt on the US dictates has proved to be doing its best.

 Ever since Suez Canal opening Deal was done by US President Eisenhower with Egyptian Jamaal Abdul Nassir in 1956; Suez is open like highway. So is Egyptian military in power in Egypt. All the military Presidents once deputed are to remain as president till death may part them.

Presently in Egypt; although the movement of revolution is very large and very potent, and its being projected to be against Hosni Mubarak and his acts of tyranny only; but they may be sadly mistaken that their movement is in fact pitched against their military; which rules them in disguise.

Keeping in view the intensity of the pressure exerted by the movement; the US has come up with the rhetoric of transition of power by peaceful means lest the aggravated situation and raging storm may take the other neighbouring countries by stride. Then the political scenario in the Middle East may be seen changed all together.

Former UN nuclear watchdog El-Baradei as an opposition leader is supposedly heading the movement. He has urged to start of “new era” in Egypt but he is again known as the man of the west.

In view of all above; it is expected that this movement may finally boil down to— a case which must be decided on a negotiation table. It is most likely that President Hosni Mubarak may be asked to step down. Seeds of democracy be sown by promise of holding of national elections but till such time the new government is strong enough; Military in disguise will stay in power to harness the Jasmine Revolution in the name of security of the volatile situation in the region.

 The fear is that;  as always this revolution may be hijacked by the US;

 Pukkarti hee naa reh gaey yeh zameen Piasi

 Barasney walay yeh badal, Guzar na jaain kaheen.

 (May the land thirsty of becoming a free land is not left barren and the cloud arriving laden with rain may just  pass above.)