For Musharraf; this Bridge seems too far

By A Khokar  October 2, 2010

On Friday, first of October 2010, Pervez Musharraf launched his new political party; All Pakistan Muslim League (APML). It was nice to watch him giving his party manifesto. This was a good presentation and seemed as once again those good old golden days that this nation once saw under his dictatorial rules were rolling back. He is certainly counted as a sincere man. Let’s hope he proves to be an asset and once again brings a real light in the lives of people as he promises.

 This party is launched with all its pomp and show. International as well as Pakistani freewheeling media also gave him a due coverage. But let us wait and see that how best Musharraf will pave his way and land in the political arena of Pakistan of today; where supposedly only democratically elected governments may survive and rule.

Possibly there are three stomping grounds or channels open for him:

 1) Through democratic way in national elections; where supposedly he needs some 175 national assembly seats for his party to simply form a coalition government. He may get at the most only 6 or 7 seats. Hardly there is anyone who may be a candidate for his APML from the groups of his facebook fans campaign; rather it is expected that some 70% of facebook fans will like to abstain the voting on the Election Day. So Pervez Musharraf may have no luck here…..

2) Next is his lateral entry or vertical landing in the country with the blessing of US that he may be directly landing in the power corridor of Islamabad, ridding the wings provided by his US friends? I think that season of growing dictatorial fruit trees and their flowers previously seen blooming in their courtyard, usually whip into the shape by proxies is since over. Anyhow; all the proxies especially the military general, they carry only one life on their account and he has spent his… there is no hope here too.

3) Next is the case that Pervez Musharraf joins the team of known GHQ man— Pir Pagarro ‘s Muslim League where reportedly all other small ML parties, ML (Q) and possibly Imran khan of Tehrik e Insaf or JI are ganging up and Musharraf may also be asked to join them. Preparations are under way. It is likely that they may appoint him as their leader to head this coalition. In this exercise; he may strike his luck to avail a chance and secure himself a non executive presidential seat. Provided this loose end coalition remains intact and wins.

So there is a long way to go and probably this bridge seems too far—-for Musharraf— where he may find many hurdles on his way created by the present ruling elites — seen training all their guns and arrows in his direction and threatening him to drag him to the altar of the courts to extinct him for his alleged follies that man also keeps on admitting.

 But is there any reconciliatory NRO also available for the Maestro who earlier awarded to everyone and cleared the paths to their seats of power that they are now relishing the most?


Aey Pathroo mujh peh barastay keyoun ho;

khbi main ney bhi thumain appna Khuda bana Rakha hey