Flogging of a Girl in a Society where young ‘Lakhtaeys’ are so adored.


People saw the most despicable incident of flogging of girl in the public and this video was circulated throughout the world. She was treated with such impunity, which was so distressing for on lookers and so humiliating that we all may feel ashamed for years to come. What was her crime; the crime that we all commit without an exception— when we are in our adolescence. Is this a crime to say that;I will marry a man to whome I love?

To yearn for mating is in our nature; a natural instinct. One that does not develop a craze for it when young has got some short comings in his development. Can you show a single person who could vouchsafe for not experiencing a craving for mating; who did not find him orherself in displaying specific gestures for mating and coming in contact with the opposite sex; especially the first love encounter; that we would like to adore forever…. for our life. Illegal sexual intercourse may be sin* but not the mating gestures and getting close to opposite sex, face to face and to decide about him or her, to choose our partners for life.

Restriction put on the female lot that they remain barricaded in the compound erected around them especially in pakhtun belt and then given these barricade compound a name as houses in order to confine the female lot in them, makes them totally absent from the scene of society. But in that society this has  resulted in breeding of another culture for the purpose of sexual relief of male members called as ‘culture of Lakhtaeys’; where young budding beautiful boys are trained to dress up and act as girls. They are made to dance in girly dresses and are asked to mingle up while dancing and dinning and do all sorts of acts to make a good night outs for the interested one. They are hired for nights after night for the males who can afford to pay to avail a sexual relief. This ‘lakhtaey’ business in Sawat and in the entire Pakhtun belt is a common phenomenon and a norm of the society.

The hypocrites wearing long flailing beards are mostly found to be in love of this un-natural union. Their indulgence in such nonsense, of flogging a girl is merely a show of their garb of self proclaimed piety and to keep the masses terrified for their ulterior motives and are indeed asking for the wrath of God Almighty.

We all can make our earnest supplications that God Almighty forgives us for allowing them that they put up such a bad show and defame the blissful religion of …Islam; that they indulge in heinous crimes in the name of religion.


*Sin: To punish a person for a sin or forgive is God Almighty prerogative only; no one may come in between. There is no coercion in religion. Even prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was admonished by God Almighty and told that; I have not sent you but the man who only warns and gives glad tiding.

     2:119; ” We have sent thee with the Truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and a   Warner. And thou wilt not be questioned about the inmates of Hell