Face Book is Temporarily Banned in Pakistan


By A Khokar   May 20, 2010

A Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page, encouraged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

The vast scale protest and rallies are being staged to express grievance against the provocative publication and drawing of cartoon of Holly prophet of Muslims. They are displeased and disapprove the accesses of oppressor keeping their upper hand.

But these protests do not carry any ultimatum nor can be called a rebellion————-rather it shows a helplessness and the weakness on the part of demonstrators that their provokers, they know that Muslims do not have the ability or the resources to pre-empt any counterattack in equal coins.

The entire Muslim world stretching from western Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Subcontinent to the Far East happens to be in the grip of Western powers and their oppressors’ forces are practically in occupation of their lands on one pretext or the other and they find themselves living the life of their subservient.

It is high time that Muslims they stand up for their freedom and realize that this world belongs to the people; who possess knowledge, technology, can lay hand on the economical resources and bear innovative minds—- and having the media in their control.

Captives and lackeys are rarely may become the architect of their own fate.