Expect a big bang in run up to Obama’s AF-Pak Policy Review

By A  khokar    December  03 , 2010

Whereas Wikileaks—- it is all a Cock and Bull story of all the filthy characters that we are confront with. In other words; it is nothing but our hypocrisy, deceit and betrayal; they are in the lime light.

But this is another way of bringing the stockpile of Pakistan Nuclear weapons in the media as top story that how vulnerable they are — and how they may fall in the hands of the Terrorist.

They are vulnerable or not?….

But the end game is that; these will soon be declared as such….. Before Obama the Lord of this world … Dishes out his AF-Pak policy review during this month.

So be ready; (gut feeling are) to expect a major CIA subversive attack at the hands of TTP at any one of the three nuclear weapon facilities.

1) Plutonium production Reactor facilities at Khushab near Sargodha.

2) Uranium enrichment research and development facility/pilot plant at Golra sharif

3) Plutonium extraction plant assisted by Chinese at Isa Khel