Enough is Enough

This news is in circulation that peoples from all walks of life have started crying that in the wake of prevalent anarchy, Military be asked to take charge of this country.

Dear Friends; this nation has come long way to secure its identity of Democratic order in the country. Let it be known that in Pakistan, we have shed the old dictatorial culture and got the democratic system for our living. This is too sacred a system for our survival. This sapling must not be spoiled by the suggestions that once again military be asked to stage a coup; where by military marches in and before it takes charge of the affaires it is found that all the looter and pilferers they already have transferred their asset abroad and have fled the country.

These stooges; while sitting in their safe havens built in Europe and Dubai —start conspiring and wait for the day that military gets maligned of their dictatorial Raj, to the extent that it calls them back; gives them this country on a plate like Musharraf did and then once again they take a fresh start— of same old practice of looting and pilferages.

No; our military must never go down this line; we have seen this act repeated many times. Military has only been earning their bad name in it of — their dictatorial ship. They must not do that.

It is like: Khaan peen nou Noor Bhari; tay Dhaoun (neck) Bhanaoun nou Jumma.
Mr Jumma (military) must not be maligned for the pilferages of NoorBhari (present government).

Our judiciary is very much alive.

In the wake of the prevalent state of anarchy in the country; it should declare that enough is enough; under our constitution, this is sole prerogative of judiciary to call it a day for the present regime.

*Call all the state organs which include the military force.

*Announce a state of emergency.

*Hand out the mandate to military with specific mission to complete the task in given times.

Let there be law and Order enforced on this land in a democratic way as per the constitution.