Eid e Saeed Mubarakbaad

From: A Khokar

Whereas Eid Ul Fitr is the day of celebration and thanks giving to God Almighty that He bestowed us with a month of Ramadhan which was full of blessings and provided us yet another opportunity in our lives that we were rightly able to practice fasting in order to gain a nearness of God Almighty. Rightly so Eid day is gift of God for our this achievement and to renew our resolutions to set our future pace on the righteous way in our lives but our enemies; they may not like to see us in such bliss.


The recent Kohat, Hangu bomb blasts and many more bomb blasts that these are in pipe lines are the part of planned subversive activities in order to escalate and induce anarchy and a war scenario in Pakistan.


Whereas Pak Army is busy fighting the local insurgents in Swaat and FATA  area in order to bar and stop them playing in the hand of enemy for paltry monies; in fact our armed forces are busy in averting yet a bigger war that our enemies are about to unleash and thrust upon us which is found lurking on our western borders.


Eid ul Fitr is such good occasion to have bomb blasts to shatter the public morale in the times— sensitive like Eid ult Fitr and make feel the public to be more insecure right in their homes. It is worth remembering that Late President of Iraq Saddam Hussein after a show trial was sent down the gallows right on the day of Eid ud Doha.


I hope that this Eid does not bring us more havoc and loss of lives at the hands of our own sons of the soil—now turned traitors and that they prefer to play in the hands of enemy for paltry gains.