Devil is pinning lot of hopes on FATA

By A Khokar   September 26, 2010

Reportedly; US is all set and ready to divide Afghanistan into two parts; north and south. North will be maintained by US in incorporation with the blue eyed, the Afghani north alliance as their mega base from where they may contain the emerging China as well as Russia. South will be given to Taliban and FATA the epicentre of devils will invariably fall to Afghani Taliban. 

In Pakistan; ANP is also; all set to endorse all above. The entire South Afghanistan, FATA and most of the part of old NWFP will be called —-the dream land—-Pakhtunistan.

ANP is already receiving ample grants from US; Mr Asfand Yar wali of ANP is seen extensively shuttling between Peshawar and Washington —–arriving back with full of money bags.

This is most devilish act on the part of people; who intentionally allow or demand the space for evil to breed— like we have in FATA and TTP and other groups of terrorism were freely allowed to breed.

Creation of FATA in itself was a nonsense…Its seclusion and  considering it an area of immunity and not be governed under the main land rules—- in turn it allowed them to breed all type of evil businesses which they are doing at full throttle.

All the worldly evils that any devil may think of; like kidnapping, smuggling, narcotics and arms trading are the flourishing business in this god forsaken piece of land.

 Ironically; this has also become the epicentre especially of terrorism that we find in the world. All the devil minded groups in the area including US are pinning lot many hopes on this devil land.

On the other side, Baluchistan is already at the brink of its secession.

  Our Armed forces; the only force which may keep this land united— and in tact may not be able to cope with all this———– as Nobody may run for ever.

Es ghar ko Aag lag gai, ghar kay Chiragh say


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