Dawn of New era in Islamic World

Thanks to social net working of facebook, twitter and Internet to invoke people to bring a change in their stagnant lives…!!

There is sea of change seen raging in the entire Middle East. This could only happen when the people for generations were subjected to prolonged oppression and utter deprivation at the hand of their tyrant rulers; The vast God gifted lands were oozing the mineral of  black gold—oil. Muslims; the unlettered possessors of the land for whom the phenomena of Knowledge, sciences and technology being an alien species — resulted in transported of this wealth outside by the west but it did bring billions of Dollars on daily bases as revenue to fill the treasuries of the ruler but the nomadic clueless tribes dotting the lands around these oil pits were kept deprived.

But the youth of today finally has got up to bring a change what their heart said to rise up against the oppressive regimes and then things have started moving. How beautiful the Quranic verdict comes to pass (subhan Allah) [8:53] Surely, Allah changes not the condition of a people until they change that which is in their hearts.

The old hag Monarchs of Middle East rather than appreciating the efforts of their youth will try to outsmart them and try to push them aside or corner them. House of Saud is the chieftain of them all; the history of sheer subjugation of people at their hands is too long.

 The real light of change in the lives of people of the Middle East and in the Muslims world at large will only come the day; when the autocrat king occupying House of Saud also steps down.

Lately House Of Saud has released some 35 billion for the needy for their housing, business, marriage & education; It is a good try to openly bribe the subjects and get another lease for life.;

Saudi reforms are not more than a gesture of an aging King that on the recovery of his health he has announced a package of alms for the needy. It is a good try to bribe people and secure another lease for life.

This act also shows that he does not consider that peoples are the equal and rightful owner of the wealth earned of their land; rather he wants the enslaved people to believe that they should look toward the hands of generous king and Saudi king spine operation and his recovery is blessing in disguise for them.

The King is sadly mistaken; that in the wake of Jasmine revolution— days of all the tyrants are numbered and peoples are looking—– of the days beyond these autocrats.

These veining Empires have forced their enslaved peoples into rebellions and had made them suffer for many decades. There is a new form of unity among the peoples seeking their freedom which has resulted into a wide spread movement as a secular, class less uprising. The masses were finding themselves engulfed with fear and terror induced by the tyrants and subjugated but the threshold of that fear is found crossed now; the people have lost that fear and it may not be re-injected back.

Alas— how wrong theses stooges are?

 Ironically they are unable to sample the wind of change and may try to crush the uprising by use of military force. But they ought to learn to make the concessions for the peoples when they are still in power and grant them their equal rights and share in power and wealth. It is likely that revolting masses may turn to foreign forces for their help; where usual suspects the western forces are seen more than ready to intervene. The indecisiveness at the part of the heads of veining Empire at this stage may result in re-takeover by the old colonial Empires.

Happy are those who dream the dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.