Cut that Last Tree Branch where they Perch to Alight

By A Khokar         10 November 2009

The war on terror declared by USA after the incident of 911 was ultimately brought to our western borders under the pretext that US lead NATO forces were fighting Al Qaeda and were chasing this stateless organisation declared as enemy by United States that it was allegedly using the god forsaken territory of FATA in Pakistan as their sanctuaries especially the part of land called South Waziristan.

Pakistan has been unable to deny this fact that since long these sanctuaries as such were certainly available to the freedom fighters-Taliban of Afghanistan against foreign occupation. Ironically Taliban offered their full shelter and hospitality to the Al Qaeda elements as brothers in arms to come and use their sanctuaries.

At that time it was little known that the concocted pretext so hyped of ‘war on terror’ and chasing of Taliban as well as Al Qaeda was in fact  a cover plan to target the nuclear arsenals of Pakistan and debar the only Muslim Country in the world by declaring it that these nuclear assets were unsafe and quite vulnerable to the terrorists of Al Qaeda that they were poised to take over Pakistan and may endanger the security of the whole world.

To enlarge this pretext’s concoction, it was but essential that a potent subversive forces be raised with in Pakistan to destabilise this country and engages all such targets like Military installations, its Head quarters, the Military Institutions and also carry out the target killings to bring them on kneels. Sadly so American CIA with help of Indian RAW was able to buy out some of the traitors of this nation from the Hindu Kush ranges that they are the known enemy abettors. History tell us that all the invaders coming down from these ranges for the plans of India they invariably took them as the abettors on a price and thus local kingdoms enroute were made to fall that they love mercenary jobs for money. History is once again going to repeat itself that  present day invaders the American have again picked up the tag of their price and are successful in  hiring them to work against their own home land-Pakistan through a Tehrik named as Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan.

Yes these perpetrators have been doing so in the past since ages and history is behind them but then there used to be docile and weakling Indian that they were the easily run over. This time these traitors are facing the Gallant Armed forces of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The coward Al Qaeda and TTP stooges are on the run since long. They are rounded up and caught up like sitting ducks.

The creation of TTP and their planned savagery has done enough damage but enough is enough. This traitor has to be taken out. Pakistan may not afford this menace on its soil  at all. It is but pertinent that not only the branches that on which they make their nests but the whole tree has to be rooted out. The dwellings and those head quarters of conspiracy, the epicentres are to be razed to the ground.

We may be rereading the history of these traitors—– when they abetted the invader Alexander (the Great) and assisted him to scale the formidable Pir Sar Pass of Swatt (then known as Massaga) and that after a pitch battle where even the women along with their Queen Cleophis (Kripa) also fought the invading Alexander to push him back but Swaat eventually fell. Alexander forces suffered heavy losses but after crossing Pir Sar Pass killed every living human soul—- the men, women and children all were massacred. Even the people who surrendered were also killed. In his remembrance Alexander built a big monument which is still intact and named it with the Greek name; Aoronos (a legendry Greek lake which is known for its curse that no crow may fly pass over it alive).

No wonder present day, Pakistan has to put up with such like mercenaries and hypocrites having the same old lineament and their same act of treason; which is still prevalent and commonly persuaded in the area by the people like Tehrik e Taliban. The acts of treason, greed and betrayal of their mother land for sake of perks and largess are their common practices as ever. For them the only change may be the change of flags of invaders.

Before this that it was too late that saviour of this nation— our Pak Armed forces chalked out a plan to undo the web of this deceit. Pak army under took this challenge and after the successful completion of phase one of operations in Swatt-Malakand, the second phase in South Waziristan to eliminate the menace of Al Qaeda and her cohorts is also progressing very well. Victory Insha Allah is in sight. Pak Army successes have simply eroded all the hopes of CIA and her collaborator (our arch enemy India). They are all baffled.


A sample of  acute desperation of American think tanks can also be seen in the New Yorker’s weekly magazine written by Seymour M Hersh “Defending the Arsenal—In an unstable Pakistan, can nuclear warheads be kept safe?” Very sheepishly the man has floated yet an other idea that although Pakistani arsenal are well guarded and —— their arming codes are practically held by US forces (strange enough?) but still there is ample chance that Terrorist may raid some nuclear bunkers of Pakistan and may run away with nuclear bomb in order to explode and it may efface the entire western society. He has also come out with another cook up of an expected mutiny in the army against the higher command…!

What a concoction——–that this man is trying to pin it up—- to under mine the successes of Pak army; sadly he is bit late. Isn’t he?

 There is history in making to break the centuries old myths of this area of tyranny and deceit. A grand decision has been taken to eliminate the menace of these perpetrators once for all —so that all the peace loving Pakistanis may live their tomorrows peacefully and may hold their heads high in the International community.

 We will certainly make it sure that even the last branch of that tree is also cut ascender where these stooges perch to alight.

[Woh Shakh he na rahaey gee jis peh tera ashiana hey]

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