Crush; these Greedy Taliban


By A Khokar   19 april 2009


The analysts keeping a keen eye on our war striven region are of the opinion that since Pakistan previously known as the fortress of Islam is on its down turn and found crippled; the key to the peace and stability in the Middle East and Central Asia now hinges on Iran emerging as the new regional power. Iran emergence to the power of this region is most desirable to counter the bully boy on the block; Israel. Better so Iran must announce its nuclear test as soon as possible; may this be at the cost of some US backed Israeli surgical strikes. Iran must also be ready to accept some collateral damages in the shape of destruction to its nuclear plants at Nataz and Iran’s nuclear Depots at Isfahan; as well as loss of civilian life and property and other disruptions. The time has come to act. It is but pertinent for Iran to act and act now. The survival and revival of the entire Muslims land hems on Iran. Iran stands as a potent future Muslim World leader of this region.


 The President of Pakistan along with his cabinet is out with his begging bowl on the streets of Tokyo and China desperate for alms moneys collection required for survival of Pakistan; back home cracks created by the anarchist and the traitors of this nation are so glaring and opened so wide and bleeding that there is no reason that this cuckoo land may take any long more to dissolve itself into thin air. I’m too old to fall for the doom mongers scenarios any more but I can very well see that the next long march (a fully armed one) to Islamabad is the take over of this land, by the anarchist: Taliban.


Pakistan’s present generation has proved to be the most cruel, thoughtless and thank less nation to be given a free land to live, the borders of which they have failed to protect. Probably they do not deserve any more respite to be granted to them. History tell us that the people betraying their own home land are bound to perish.


 It only requires one keen eye to see that Taliban subversive activities in and around Pakistan and their earnest desire to possibly take over Islamabad with their hands on the nuclear button here in Pakistan may adversely effect Iran in achieving it goals. West is not willing to see even one Islamic nuclear state like Pakistan which has so viciously been brought down to its kness by these stooges that it is at its brink to collapse. West is certainly bent upon; not to see another Islamic country; Iran progressing and creating a nuclear deterrent in this region.


  Taliban’s contention against the oppressor’s occupying forces in Afghanistan is understandable and may be a commendable act of theirs, that they are fighting for the freedom of their own home land and rightly so Pakistan must support and is supporting their cause as brethren. But their known vicious and back handed designs and deceitful plans under the cover of some religious movement is inversely seen as they are bent to unstable this country; which is most distasteful.


 But their most distasteful act is that they are playing in  hands of enemy to declare Pakistan an epicentre of terrorism; they are forsaking it as a pretext for our enemies to invade this country in the name of quelling terrorism. They are accepting millions in perks from CIA, Mossad and Indian RAW for running their dens and gangs, the weapons, the communication equipment, transport, training and intelligence guidance. They are bringing havoc to Pakistani society by bomb blasts and suicidal missions and are tearing it down. Sadly so it is being called as ….. shariat e muhammadi? But who is this muhammad coming down the hills of Hindukush on the wings spread by US dollars? A gang of wolves is wearing the sheep skins.


Probably history is repeating itself again. It was the time when Ottoman Empire forces were on its retreat from Europe but had consolidated their positions around their seat of power…Damascus in Syria for its security. To finally undo the empire; there was a known agent, the prince of all deceits called as Lawrence of Arabia. He louvered in (then) king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, in making him to fight his own empire forces in Damascus. The greedy Abdullah in order to win back the crown fought Muslim army with his forces and defeated the empire forces. But it was a big surprise for him awaiting that British and French had con him in defeating his own armies. British’s and French they got the Empire seat and sent Abdullah out to British Iraq.


 There has always been the greed of Muslims which has been in play; King Abdullah was the traitor and abettor of enemies then and used khanna e kahaba for the purpose in support to defeat his own armies. The same abettor again is found wrapping up all his rapacious greed to gain seat of power in a fine white robe and is hiding behind his flailing beard while sitting in the lapes of enemies. This time; it is not Damascus in his sight; it is present day fortress of Islam—the nuclear Pakistan.


  I am sure; Pakistanis may be in thick of it where only doom and gloom is prevailing but they happen to be very versatile, passionate and enduring; they know how to turn their scars into stars.






[1]Habib jalib once said about our army that where as they failed in protecting our borders but time and again keep on conquering their own country.


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