Court Business Must Be Conducted in Courts Only

The deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Choudhary was charge sheeted by the ‘out and gone’ Prime Minister Shukat Aziz on corruption charges. The said charge sheet was sent to Judicial Council for its inquiry and disposal by the President Musharraf in accordance with the rules.

Seriousness of business demands that with out any consideration of, whether who the person was; a case of corruption and misappropriation raised against the Chief Justice was a maculated stigma and a blemish on the character of Chief Justice of our country. Chief Justice is symbol of piety and absolute justice in any nation. It is a serious matter. If this chief justice is a real man of a stature; the philanthropy invested in such a high post demands that he should have acted on his own cognizance as a ‘Suo Motu’ and considered himself resigned by himself, till he was able to clear himself of charged allegations.

All else are merely the tales that under the present circumstances, he stands resigned and whether he should be reinstated or not (being later dismissed by the President). He should clear himself and judicial Council should show the people his clean slate before this that he is even considered for reinstatement. The dead dog from the polluted well must be taken out first.

Court business is conducted in Courts only. Staging of a protest or arranging a Long March [1] on any pretext by a bunch of lawyers out side of the courts, in order to pressurise and influence the Parliament to give a favourable verdict is sure absurdity because; Munsib ka Mut-manni khain hota hey! If at all there is a need to do some March; that is an inward cleansing March; a March toward lower and High courts system; where Justice is a far cry and common man experience; corruption, corruption and corruption of Judges only. [1] Long March; it is more of a Leisure Ride.