Close to My Heart

By A Khokar        16 June 2009

I used to wonder that flower of rose known as the king flower, the only flower which bears so many beautiful colours and has such a sweet smell; why must it carry such a dreadful thorns on its stem. Go near the flower or try to pluck it, your fingers may not escape the little sharp cut which makes you bleed.

People may have their taste of any colour but this flower always offers a choice for them for any occasion. So many shades, so many colours, these colours are always there. The unique fragrance of roses remains most enchanting; one may have not smelled any other flower in life but can’t say that he has not enjoyed the sweet smell of roses. One may arrange and mix any flower with it; rose always stands out dominating on the bouquet.

 Rose is also the symbol of romance and bliss. It is an interpreting tool for ones heart and people always chose this flower to mirror their inner feelings. Rose has always been the favourite subject of all the writers and poets.

The close observation of this plant reveals that it also carries a special pattern of dread full thorn on its stem that no creeper or the intruder may dare coming up its stem and reach at the top for any savagery.

Thus God Almighty teaches us that how essential it is to guard any thing kept closer to our heart that it needs to grow the potent dreadful defences thorns like the Roses they do. If there were no thorns on the roses stem, the rose buds would have never ever seen a day of their bloom and splendour of colour and there would have been no fragrance. How inert and empty would have been the world of romance without colourful and sweet smelling roses.

Likewise our dream land of our ideology—Pakistan the country that we love and in the bliss that we live so freely treading our way of life, of our choice and liking; it  may only survive and bloom and prosper when we maintain a potent deterring defence which caters for all the savage intruders and enemies, may they be internal or external. They ought to be made to a sure bleed when ever they try to attack us or when we purge or cleanse them, exactly like the roses they do.

All the beauties of life that we keep close to our heart ought to remain well guarded and protected——- all the times.

[Phalla Phoola rahey yaa Rab; chamman meri umeedoun ka]
[Jigar kaa khoun dey dey kar; yeh bootay main ney palay hain]