CIA Top Spy pulled out from Pakistan amid death threats

By A Khokar    December 19, 2010

It is said that the Islamabad station chief of the Central Intelligence Agency of US hastily departed from Pakistan on Thursday after his cover was blown through a suspected deliberate leak by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence for fear of his life under threat.

CIA top spy, Jonathan Banks was identified as the head of the CIA’s Pakistan office, in a lawsuit filed against the United States’ secretive spy agency by a resident of North Waziristan. The resident, Kareem Khan, was said to have filed the case against the CIA and Mr. Banks for their role in organising drone strikes that killed his son and brother.

It’s rare for a CIA station chief to be pulled out because of a blown cover. In 1999, however, an Israeli newspaper revealed the identity of the station chief in Tel Aviv. In 2001, an Argentine newspaper printed a picture of the Buenos Aires station chief and details about him. In both instances, the station chiefs were recalled to the U.S.

In Pakistan Mr Jonathan Banks was involved in organising and directing the drone attacks in Tribal area.

The Hindukush ranges which form the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is a difficult inaccessible terrain called FATA tribal area, where supposedly the Al Qaeda and Taliban have created their make shift sanctuaries. In these sanctuaries; they re-org and train and go out to carry out the covert operations and raids in Afghanistan against occupation forces and inside Pakistan.

CIA as well as ISI both the intelligence agencies remain at their tails and keep on carrying out different measures to gather human intelligence to pin point their dens and to destroy them. The popular weapon of drone attack; reportedly is a success, proved to be the best means to target them. Certain local tribesmen, commonly known in the area as ‘patharis’ are hired by CIA to place a special electronic device dubbed ‘chip’ at targets, when activated sends the beeps to satellite, and helps identify the suspect target for drones attacks.

US is invariably using advanced technology and old-fashioned cash to target the enemy; which is a high-tech assassination operation for one of the world’s most remote areas.

FATA is a far-flung tribal area. Owing to the scarcity of local resources and lack of civic amenities in the area; the poverty ridden people mostly remain jobless and at the mercy of their tribal lord called ferocious Maliks. Maliks are known for running the business of narcotics and arms smuggling and use the locals on minimal rates as their carriers; called ‘lagaries’. To work for the organised gangs as mercenaries and undertaking of any target killing or kidnapping for money remains their prime common profession.

Initially the ‘patharies’ hired to place the electronic chip devices, to help drone attacks were not well known. It remained a secret for a while that they were exclusively hired by CIA. But soon they were identified and many a gangs and other hirelings are since singled out for undertaking and committing such heinous crime of killing on behalf of CIA and are charged for treason and tribal betrayal.

FATA is the area where tribes live a close nit lives and anyone who is found influenced by outside forces to work for money is easily identified and thus numbers of ‘Patharies’ along with their family members were brutally killed and their houses demolished. In the process of the local inter tribes investigation by the relations of the victims and setup of Tribal Qazi courts; it is beyond any doubt that all the information about the CIA covert operation plans and all the details and personal profiles of members in the chain of CIA command, even high up to the station chief in Islamabad would not be dug out.

It is absurd to assume that peoples whose nears and dear are killed in drone attacks and when the command channel and head man of the perpetrator; in this case the US CIA station chief; Jonathan Banks is known; that too operating while present within their own country, would be spared?

But to indict Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, ISI that they revealed the name and his cover was blown through a suspected deliberate leak is yet another absurdity and under minding the life pattern and way of the conduct of Pathans, a well known phenomenon; the ‘paktoun waley’.

Pakhtouns who are mostly targeted by drone’s attacks are known to carry the grudge of elephant, they know not bowing their heads down and their revenge taking may go beyond three generations.

But we do see that after many years of US proclaimed successes of her atrocious operations in order to subjugate the people of this region —the failures and implosion of her evil designs have finally caught up with the wicked to turn it into its misadventure.