China: our new master

By A Khokar   November 01 , 2010

A lot is heard about Khilafa movement in Pakistan. But what is this khilafa? Is this another diversion in the field of our religion induced by the savage Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan or another split taking place?

Ironically; Religion carries unique phenomena with it that rather than uniting the people, it keeps on dividing them further—- and so is this khilafa business venture of TTP doing. Reportedly; these opportunists they think that our turmoil ridden nation having lost its all hopes is so deluded now that they can easily be exploited in the name of religion and if they could coerced them further and bring them on some platform; they may be able to grab the seat of power in this country. Grabbing of seat of power remains their main aim.

It is coming to a pass a century that Muslims Ottoman Empire fell. There can be thousand and one reasons why it fell but it only became Empire when some great Muslim scholars, the scientists, the mathematicians, the elites, and the architect from Bagdad, Persia and the Turks with their exemplary stature were at its back running the show. They were the men that none in the world could come match them.

The day dreamer of khilafa, they only need to know that the present era belongs to the people who bear innovative minds, posses the knowledge and technology and have an access to the economic natural resources. The nations void of innovation, technology and economic resources may only become the fodder of wars and be at the mercy of powerful nations…. They may serve only as slaves, mercenaries as we are presently doing.

This should be no surprise for us that more superior forces of china in order to be the next super power of the world are descending down the Himalaya and moving fast to secure their bridge head along the Arabian Sea coast line where it has already got its foot hold made with the assistance of our country.Pakistan; once the known US proxy has simply to flip the switch over to China.

After a humiliating retreat of USA from this region; China is our new master.