Chanda Mamoon


By A Khokar         25 September 2009

 In our child hood we were told that there lives an old lady who keeps on spinning cotton for cloths on a mega spinning wheel as it looked like from the shape one could gather on seeing moon that every year she appoints Chanada mamoon [1] to appear on earth and bring those cloths as gifts to the poor kids of this planet.

Later we found that although this Mamoon Jan has got no  arrival dates issues for other 9 lunar months but somehow its arrival date when there are Eid days, especially on Eid after Ramadhan always becomes fussy that when along with its arrival— the dream date of rejoicing on which our Eidee and gifts that our elders have to give to us was also jeopardised.

Ever since we are grown up the exact date of Chandaa Mamoon has always been a controversial one and it revealed that this date somehow was always hijacked by the Mullah of our central Mosques.

 I used to wonder and still wonder that Mullah who has never been to any school of sciences and knows nothing about the astrology or bears even an iota of  knowledge or any study about the Sun, the earth or the moon— all of a sudden drops in to exercise his authority and hijacks this date. What right this illiterate, clue less stooge has got to come between us and our Chanda mamoon and shatter our dreams; when we have got the most advanced facilities all made available in this world by the friends of knowledge and Sciences that they have constructed Observatories with the knowledge that God has bestowed to mankind and that today man has developed the most advanced and sophisticated equipment to ascertain the date of my Chanda mamoon in a perfect manner.

When I enquired from the Observatory; they revealed that next Eid day—Eidul Zoha that we want to celebrate is on 28 November 2009 and they can also tell me that when there will be Eid days even in 2020 or even after one hundred year time if I want to know.

 And——— I wonder; what this Mullah has got to with our Chanda Mamoon that he jumps in and start dictating us on this issue?


[1]Chanda mamoon—- the Eid Crescent