Breaking News: New US Base in Gharo, Sindh?



It is learnt from informed sources within the Pakistan Navy that certain high-ranking individuals within the Naval forces are involved in secret construction of operational facilities in Gharo, Sindh, which are intended to serve initially as a base for around 200 US marines.


Unconfirmed reports suggest that a high ranking official of the Special Service Group Navy (SSGN), which is the commando division of the Pakistan Navy, is involved in the construction of a large complex in GHARO, Sindh, which is described to be purpose built to serve as a base for an army unit – comprising of halls, residential units, and storage facilities.


Some years back the Navy had decided to shift the SSGN headquarter (PNS Iqbal) from the dockyard to a coastal area, but Gharo was not the likely sight at the time. Because there has been a sudden increase in assistance to the SSGN from the US, questions are being raised whether this shifting of the SSGN to Gharo is actually a ruse to allow US Marine “trainers” to arrive there in large numbers on the pretext of training the SSGN commandos in newly-acquired weapons and tactics?