Bloom where you are planted

By A Khokar   June 07, 2010

When the spring—- springs up, we anticipate and feel joy full about the re-birth of lush green plants trying to bud up and it is so exciting to watch them spreading their colours and sweet smelling flowers blooming in our court yards and the areas all around us. It never ceases to amaze one that how a plant that it was seen totally withered out and left for dead but few months later can burst forth into a new life.

 Walk down any path way you may find some plant even growing out of seemingly dead rocks. This particular phenomenon one find is so amazing that how anything can spring up from a rock which is dry and apparently lacking in soil and nutrients that are vital to a plant’s growth. It is worth pondering upon that if a plant which God made, can survive under the driest of circumstances then we too can bloom where we are planted.

 Too many times one sees people saying to themselves that they would have been more successful or happier in life if only their circumstances were different but if we only learn this that in whatever the state—- we must stay content. No matter the situation in our lives, we can grow and flourish when —we abide in the bliss of our most loving and forgiving God Almighty who is sustainers of us all.

If God can cause a lily to grow out of a rock, then He can surely allow us to bloom wherever we are planted.

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