Blackwater wins Security Contract deal in Afghanistan







Black water,  Xe ‘s Erick Prince in Tactical Operation centre- Kabul

By A Khokar

  CIA Director Leon Panetta says the agency has hired Xe (zee) Services _ the company once known as Blackwater _ for a $100 million contract to provide security in Afghanistan.

He says Xe underbid others by $26 million and that a CIA review concludes that the contractor has cleaned up its previous alleged acts.

Panetta says Moyock, North Carolina based Xe does not engage in actual CIA operations, but instead helps secure agency bases in war zones. Seven CIA employees, including security contractors, were killed in a suicide bombing in Khost, Afghanistan, in December.

Earlier Blackwater guards allegedly opened fire on unarmed civilians in Baghdad in 2007, killing 17 people. A federal grand jury has indicted five Blackwater officials on conspiracy weapons and obstruction of justice charges.

Blackwater with her changed named as XE (Zee) runs its U.S. Training Centre at Moyok, N.C and claims that it is famous for their ability to deliver hard hitting, effective training experiences for military, security and law enforcement professionals as well as civilians. XE says that they may successfully handle wide range of missions, terrain and tactical situations throughout the world.

Source: conservative mag