Bin Laden: A Witness is Silenced



















*****After the 9/11 twin tower attack in New York, a joint US-Pak intelligence operation to hunt down terrorists of Al Qaeda in the War against Terror started. Pakistan picked some 20 Al-Qaida top elites master minds of 9/11 attack who were on run in Afghanistan and after US invasion of Afghanistan were now escaping from there and trying to melt away in Pakistani cities in disguise along with other three million Afghani refugees. All the captured persons were handed over to US– whereas after a decade long struggle US after finding just one head Osama Bin Laden carried out a raid at his compound for which Pak ISI had also provided US a lead. This scoop has made  US wild mad and over-joyous and they killed Osama Bin Laden at spot coldblooded. The raiders  secretly swished his body away as a prized trophy, only to dump it later in the sea. Of course; elimination of most wanted person Osama is a grand trophy for US to celebrate her well sought victory in the US War against Terror.

But for the hundreds of Conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 attack and subsequent Bush hegemonic War against Terror that people call it a phoney war initiated by Neocons in which millions in Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan died at the hands of US lead invading forces— but the only witness and contender to all this and expose US designs; namely Osama Bin Laden is —- silenced.

Ironically; pictures showing Osama’s demise and burial are not allowed to be published but statement of his young wife Amal who hail from Yemen, is circulated widely to prove that; raiding Seal Team 6 killed not a frail, ailing Osama but a potent terrorist.

Pakistan and US are although allies in the War against Terror but have got bottom rocked marriage like strange and full of distrust relations. After having killed Bin Laden by stealth helicopters raids and having swished away his dead body as a trophy; rather than being thankful to Pakistan for her decade long assistance and also leading US to capture the trophy target Osama; US has aversely turned back and allege Pakistan of being complacent in hiding Osama.

Pakistan has categorical denied that they got any knowledge of Osama presence in Abbotabad, where the man was eventually found living a life which can be termed as vegetative life as it is now revealed that he as an ailing frail person was spending his days as an impoverished person in a high walled compound, staying off from the sight of local peoples and with his strict parda observing conservative family. He had not stepped out of his compound for last five years.

There has been a practice that US and Pakistan have always been sharing all the intelligence information but ironically; US did not exchange the information when they had found that in the compound to which ISI had indicated to US, was in fact in occupation of Osama Bin Laden and kept this information as their Lion share. Even the raid attack on Osama compound was also kept secret to themselves which is a sheer betrayal and conduct unbecoming of an ally.

 As ISI has openly admitted that they were not in knowledge of Bin Laden presence in Abbotabad; they well not be aware of it and it may be counted toward their intelligence failure too but if CIA also checks their own track record; it may find that it is also not very promising. Reportedly CIA spends some $80 Billion per annum for their services which is more that what all the Intelligence agencies collectively use but it is known fact that they did not imagine the fall of the Soviet Union, the revolutions of Eastern Europe, the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks against New York and Washington, the nonexistence of Saddam Hussein’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, the global financial crisis and, most recently, the Arab Spring.

‘We might ask ourselves how we would be reacting if Iraqi commandos landed at George W. Bush’s compound, assassinated him, and dumped his body in the Atlantic’; says Noam Chomsky

Anyhow, after the death of Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, ultimately, is now a spent force in the region. Perhaps it is, but then why play up Osama bin Laden’s death with such fanfare that you even forget your allies who enabled you; to come around and make a scoop for trophy and celebrate a Victory; which is invariably bestowed to US after countless sacrifices that Pakistanis rendered as a labour of love for US and acting as front state in the War against Terror.