Attack and Raids of NATO in FATA

Here we have got here; virtually a repeat scenario of Lebanon 33 days war in southern Lebanon, when Hezbollah had to confront the so called invincible Israeli Army. Lebanon air spaces were void of any air defence and not a single shot that Lebanon regular Army could fire. A thorough softening up of all possible targets was carried out by the Israeli air force (IAF) and most of the dwellings and ‘would be’ Hezbollah shelters were destroyed and reduced to rubbles.

Israeli ground forces were asked to move in and plan was chalked out to capture and secure the southern Lebanon, some 12-20 miles enclave extending up to Latini River from south Lebanon border.Hezbollah are the trained guerrilla warriors; fully trained as well as sufficiently equipped with latest communication equipment. They proved to be good at digging the secret tunnels to operate and stock piles their Arms, ammunition and foods. They lay out of tunnels located on all the possible approaches of Israeli ground forces surprised the enemy. After facing such devastation from air attacks; when Israeli Army advanced; Hezbollah kept on emerging from the rubbles with RPGs and katytusha Rockets.

With RPG (anti tank- Rocket propelled grenade) they very bravely engaged the Israeli advancing war tanks-Merkava because they were motivated to engage a tank at a close quarter range of 50 yards to avail a sure kill. They were good at camouflage and concealment and also knew how to melt down as civilian after action. For 33 days the Israeli Army tried their best to reach Latini river but bravery, perseverance and know how of war fare displayed by Hezbollah forced so called the Israeli invincible army to retreat well before Latini River; they left bruised and bleeding and under UN cover. In FATA the NATO prime targets will be the ill equipped dissidents who are seen mostly moving in groups.

There is going to be extensive aerial bombardment to soften the targets followed by sure, sharp raids. Pakistani Taliban; they may be called sons of the soil but they are not adequately trained in guerrilla warfare and neither are they equiped and well versed with the Communication, surveillance and tactics as used by the NATO forces. There is no government at their back.The well sought tactic of suicidal mission in the hands of dissident groups is just an element of nuisance value against the static targets only or may be helpful to create fear among public in destabilizing the civilian life but certainly it serves no purpose to counter the airborne commandoes attack.

Pak Army may not come in play due to its international constraints and obligations. Any aiding or abetting of dissident groups by Pak Army may jeopardise the given declared stance of Pakistan to evict the dissident from FATA. The prolonged battle in FATA may result in loosing FATA altogether and occupied by NATO? These Taliban groups and their families are going to reap lot of fatalities and we may see people fleeing the FATA at large scales.