Attabad Dam out Burst; Red Alert

By A Khokar   May 28.  2010

 Reportedly the expected over topping (over flowing) of the spillway have started at a very low rate and hopefully all the access glacial water pouring into lake at its tail which is extended to some 8 to 10 mile upstream—- will result in a move of water in the lake. This move may result into more erosion along the length of lake.

At the spillway it’s soil is not compact but is loose in nature and once the loose clay found in between the big boulders stuck in the blockages is eroded by the water flow—-more water will start flowing through them which may result in shifting of boulders as well as debris thus causing an exceptional sudden outburst any time soon.

Even at this stage in order to control the drainage of lake it is highly recommended that
to prevent the downstream destruction by sudden outburst of lake dam; an adequate water draining arrangements by laying the mega poly pipes or other flexi hose artificial Siphons System along the spillway may be the only solution to avail a controlled drain of the lake as well as prevent the downstream damages that it may cause to the life and properties of people including the mega structure of Tarbela Dam.