And Then They Came For Me

 –Part 2

By A Khokar   30 September 2009

So; here we are; our brethren from and across the Khyber -Hindukush ranges are again gathering momentum by joining hands with enemies of Pakistan by carrying out their subversive activities to destabilize us and are all out to eventually take over this land of our dreams by deceit and their chicanery. The intensive bomb blast campaigns in the major cities have again stared off.


In last October 2008 when I saw the Marriot Hotel Burning at the hands of Taliban Tehrik in Pakistan and thick smoke was seen billowing above the horizon of a peaceful city of Islamabad; this scene spread an atmosphere of intense doom and gloom. I saw it as a clear sign that the centuries old strong brotherly bond which existed between the two people living on the lands called Pakistan with the nomad tribes of Afghanistan from and across Khyber-Hindukush was also now up in the smoke. Our brothers are all out to destroy us and take our lands away from under our feet. With heavy hearts, I was able to put it down in writing—- a story with a title; Then They Came for Me .


Earlier I was also able to write a paper explaining the back ground of people that they live in this area and how they love Sleeping with the Enemy for paltry gains and the monies. The history says that people living in Hindukush Mountains are the centuries old fugitives mainly Jews who earlier fled Palestine when the Assyrian evicted them from their land for their deceitful treacherous behaviours and they in order to escape Assyrian onslaught fled here to this inhospitable rugged and inaccessible mountains to escape Assyrian forces where they found that Assyrian were unable to reach them. Centuries have passed by but the fugitives still believe in living their life of aloofness—detached. They remain heavily armed and construct their dwellings isolated with heavy barricaded fences around them.


Owing to the geo-political demand of the region that with the end of British colonial Raj in sub continent; Pakistan from the very outset is all out to back the cause of an independent Afghanistan as a country—- and to see it a free of any foreign intervention and occupation—- because Pakistan’s own survival lies in its secure western borders. Rightly so Pakistan has been earnestly helping Taliban movement in Afghanistan and allowed them all sort of support and refuge. Ironically some of the dissident elements of Taliban lately taking this brotherly bond and pledge of Pakistan toward Afghanistan’s cause as granted. They started acting against the interests of Pakistan and have challenged its security. Establishment of TTP in Pakistan and their subversive activities to destabilize Pakistan are one such example.


The timely actions taken by our Armed forces against TTP in Swaat sector against all the odds is recently completed successfully and TTP militants along with their command structure have adequately been eliminated by Pak army. This speaks of vision and commitment of the high command of our Armed forces to up hold the cause and belief that they keep it high above everything else for their beloved country—-Pakistan. They have proved that they are not only the mind and heart of Pakistanis but are our saviours too.


“When the pet develops rabies and starts biting its own mentors, it must be put to sleep, no way around it,” says a senior general involved in military operations in the North-West Frontier Province, suggesting a definite realization of the case of TTP. This is not change of heart altogether – but as far as the military establishment is concerned, the militants had gone too far. Pak Army claims that it is doing its best to hunt down the “miscreants” of TTP who had fallen in the hands of enemies of Pakistan for the paltry gains.


After completion of Swaat Chapter our Armed Forces are getting ready to launch yet another operation in South Waziristan in Pakistan’s FATA area which is said as the main den of Al Qaeda Terrorists and is developed as their main tutelage by its leadership.


Whereas US lead NATO forces are facing a colossal failure in their war against terror in Afghanistan that they have taken some eight years and spent some trillions of dollars to find Osama bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leadership but they could not find any trace of them. The purported presence of Al Qaeda tutelage in the area where allegedly the ISI of Pakistan is also blamed for protecting them and presence of strong Pakistan army in this area— in a country which is nuclear power also; all this presents a more exciting scenario for President Barrack Obama to send US lead NATO forces into Pakistan to fight out Al Qaeda and also circumvent and keep Pak Armed Forces under thumb— right in their own country. What a good way to avail a victory which would be worthwhile announcing in the war against terror that US is so desperately heaving for it.


On the other hand; a pro-US fifth column inside Pakistan is now talking about southern Punjab as the hub of Al-Qaeda just as it was earlier claimed having their headquarters in Quetta, Baluchistan. The recent Military operations; in Swaat and now in South Waziristan, the elites group of Taliban dissidents have been able to successfully trickle out of operation areas disguised as IDPs and reportedly it is now regrouping  in Southern Punjab. There are other covert US operatives now spread across the length and breadth of Pakistan; drone attacks have increased in frequency since Obama took office; aid packages like Kerry Luger Bill are demanding unacceptable conditions; Pakistan military is being pushed on all fronts, with India increasing its deployments along the western border with Pakistan and aiding low intensity conflict through Afghanistan. This US Plans will lead to a Pakistan civil war says the Daily Nation.


Although Pakistan has consistently been demanding the drone technology from US and to take the target strike missions of Al Qaeda in their own hands but US may never allow this that under the circumstances this is the only viable tool available in the hands of US to carry on with its war against terror; that after every drone attack the US pretext of War against terror is revived and Al Qaeda gets a new life; which US wants to prolong its stay in the region.


General David Petraeus, Obama’s commander for the Middle East and Central Asian region, and General Stan McChrystal, his commander in Afghanistan, arrive at this intersection with the recent lessons of counterinsurgency in Iraq ringing in their ears. In some respects the debate over what strategy Obama should now adopt in Afghanistan has become a debilitating contest of historical analogies and comparative case studies.


McChrystal’s plan is to create a series of “ink spots” centred on large population areas, and then to try to connect some of these ink spots together by taking control of intercity roads for which he has demanded some forty thousands more troops. This is true replica of the policies adopted by Soviet Union prior to their withdrawal from Afghanistan.


The Soviets failed in Afghanistan for many reasons, beginning with the brutality of their military campaigns and the implausibility of their political strategy. Nonetheless, by the end of the 1980s, they had constructed a durable ink spot strategy, albeit one based on a more defensive and internally ruthless political-military strategy from the one General McChrystal is proposing. The Soviets were unable, however, to convert that partial territorial achievement into a broader and more durable strategic success. Partly they just ran out of time, as often happens in expeditionary wars. Their other problems included their inability to control the Mujahedeen insurgents’ sanctuary in Pakistan; their inability to stop infiltration across the Pakistan-Afghan border; their inability to build Afghan political unity, even at the local level; their inability to develop a successful reconciliation strategy to divide the Islamist insurgents they faced; and their inability to create successful international diplomacy to reinforce a stable Afghanistan and region. The repeat of the same in the long list of US headaches may sound familiar….!


On the other hand President Zardari is busy trotting around the globe with his extended cortege  is  trying exhaustively to urge the world to better compensate Pakistan for its efforts against extremists, who under the tutelage of al Qaeda still pose a grave threat to the entire region and that international community must show its willingness to reward Pakistan for its successes in this field but this single phenomenon may bring all this effort to zero sum that Pakistan still hold the Al Qaeda sanctuaries which are potent, live and kicking— right in its heart lands where  sons of this soil are also found more than willing to abet and support them for their rapacious greed of money and perks.

Obaid Ullha Alemm says:

Koee oar tou Naheen hey Passey khanjar Azmaee

Hameen Qatal hou rahey hain, hameen qatal kar rahey hain


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