It is absurd to indict Pakistan and its ISI for playing Double game

By A Khokar     July 28, 2010

The ground breaking release of wikileaks may serve the anti war lobbyist in US or expose the follies of Obama administration at home or not——but in the battle fields in Afghanistan, wikileaks material is no surprise for any one.

But the heavy weight Wikileaks has surely indicted Pakistan, an ally and a front state in war against terror, playing a double game of abetting the so called US enemy —Taliban. It certainly helps US build a negative perception against Pakistan and its ISI that they being an ally—-are in fact the ring leader of terrorism. This may give leverage to US lead NATO forces that if need be US reserve the right and may be justified on this pretext to extend the war beyond Afghan borders and take into Pakistan.

This is an absurd attempt to pressurise Pakistan and fixation of its ISI; the country which suffered the most as US ally in the war against terrorism being fought in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is since ages better known by the old world as a ‘highway of conquest’  and the ‘graveyard of empires,’ but the ‘old world’ also knew——Afghanistan; as ‘the Eastern Round About’; where many old adventurists came but Afghanistan always spun them out of its orbit—- badly bruised.

The recent history speaks that British’s and then the Russians were left with no option but to go out humiliated.

In the ongoing so called war against Terrorism; while other coalition forces are also looking for their exits. USA is also finding it untenable. US is alone ——-and has got no victory in sight and is also retreating dismayed and defeated—-but for all the atrocities carried out by US to gain her foot hold; she has got blood of millions at their hands.

If the ‘American relatives of Lockerbie Pan Am disaster’ can feel justified to force the Libyan government for their sponsored terrorism and to be awarded with million of dollars as compensation or blood money; one wonders how many trillions of dollars Americans have to pay back for their savagery, killings and destruction brought in Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all other places where American have committed their atrocities.

40 thoughts on “It is absurd to indict Pakistan and its ISI for playing Double game”

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