America has no permanent friends; just American interests


 By A Khokar   May 18, 2010
 Taliban can well be defined as the group which came in power after the end of Afghan war in Afghanistan. This group was weary of a trivial US byplay that their main benefactor, on the behest of whom they fought Afghan war and had very successfully defeated Soviet Union, it un-expectantly dumped them and left. This abrupt US back sliding became a bone of contention especially for the foreign group inside Taliban. Osama Bin Laden who was one of the chieftain, he formed a new militant group and named it Al Qaeda. Supposedly this is same group which is said to have carried out the attack on twin tower in New York.

Keep this incident in focus and see that how; this scenario was blown up by Neocons into a greater concept of ‘war against terrorism’ that ever since the whole world and especially this region called as the Greater Middle East is in the grip of utter destruction, chaos and turmoil. 


 US moved in, in Afghanistan and  forcibly deposed Taliban government; ever since Taliban are at the run. Bulk of Taliban migrated to neighbouring countries; like Pakistan and Iran. Al Qaeda also went into hiding and spread out to the old abundant Mujahedeen sanctuaries in FATA area of Pakistan.Although in the attack on twin tower in New York just three or four buildings were affected and some 2983 people in total were killed but here in this region, US lead NATO forces while in chase of Osama Bin Laden have put thousands and thousands of people to death and their dwellings and civic infrastructure whatever little they have, is now reduced to rubbles.
Eight years have passed but in this exercise— US lead NATO forces could not find Bin Laden or his top lieutenant neither any one from the high command of Mullah Omer of Taliban– could be caught— but US CIA had done something extra ordinary in Pakistan that they raised another fake Taliban group called TTP ( Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan) to carry on with covert operations inside Pakistan. Drone attacks are the latest US Tactics to accelerate the provocation and instigate the peoples to rebel rouse against their present government as well as ——-keep the terrorism alive.
The sole aim of highly paid and sophisticatedly armed TTP is to carry out subversion suicidal attacks to undermine the security forces of Pakistan. Spread anarchy in the country and to destabilize the country. Deplete it to the extent that Pakistan along with its military forces is compelled to submit to the wills and wishes of USA. In these subversive acts; blood of Hundreds is on TTP hands.

This is how; the allies and friends of USA have to pay back— when they swing along with USA. May it be Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras; lately UK and now Pakistan—they all could reap only the utter devastation. No doubt; Henry Kissinger famous saying stands out; “America has no permanent friends; just American interests”.