Amazing Wild Geese Chicks

BY A Khokar

In winters while in snow season, the migratory birds some time in passing do land in our back yard garden. This time we had some wild geese seen landing. One of them could arrange a nest in one of the least attended corner of the garden in long leaves grass shrub. It made a nest and laid her eggs.

 Now spring is very much in the air and on carrying out of the cleaning of garden, a nest full of eggs was found down under with a guest goose occupying it. This corner was made no go area and after 28 days of her hatching, yesterday we had some one dozen little ducklings in our back garden.

 This has been joyful scene for our grandchildren filling our garden with their inquisitive smiles, lot of laughter, fun and amazement.. Here are some photo graphs of garden and wild goose with ducklings.