Allah loves not those who create disorder

By A Khokar    January 8, 2011

Malik Mumtaz Qadri of Elite police force is a murderer that he killed Punjab governor Salman Taseer cold blooded while he was deputed to protect him. Reportedly Governor Salman Taseer uttered something about blasphemy law that how it has been misused in Aasia Bibi case — where upon certain politico-religious gangs in order to wield their political clout rather than lodging an official report; alleged him and fanned it as an issue of committing of blasphemy. Various Fatwas (Mullah’s decree)were issued as well as head money placed on him to kill him.

Act of Mumtaz as a security guard is being taken as a great news in the politico–religious circles and they are seen hailing and glorifying his act to the hilt. Understandably it has given them a big leap forward in raising of their waned political clout but ironically this incident has turned into a great National tragedy. It is also much more tragic that his other colleagues while on duty, knowingly abetted him and did not stop him or report their seniors about his hideous plan. We may not be able to gauge it at present but it may bring a big upheaval against the command and control structure of national security and military establishment and it is feared that it may also induce and inculcate a phenomenon of revolt in their arena.

It is most chilling to note that even after the laps of some 65 year of our independence from British Raj, we still think as we are under some colonial rules and like to remain pitched against the present rulers all the times. Not knowing that this government is our elected government; they represent us in the parliament and may easily be dealt with for their any outlandish behaviour as per set laws.

Reportedly Maulana Fazlur of JUI who recently quit the PPP government as their ally on some flimsy grounds has joined this Politico-religious gang to head them. Along with the other top notches from Jammat e Islami (JI) have brought the  the old terror groups known as Tehrike Taliban (TTP) in their fold. Previously TTP were let to breed in FATA-Malakand-Swat area under Fazlur’s MMA government in Frontier province. This monster was defeated in last Swat operation but surprisingly; devil is resurfacing again.

 It is also very surprising that when allegedly Salman Tahseer was uttering something about the amendment in Blasphemy law; Fazlur was still in the government; he could have quit the PPP government on the pretext of flagrant Blasphemous tattle-tale of Tahseer but he preferred to go out on flimsy grounds.

Unfortunately; incident of brazen killing of Salaman Tahseer under the cover of Blasphemy law has divided this nation into two warring groups; the religious extremist glorifiers and the liberal moderates Muslims. It is no more a hidden secret that this diabolic devilish design of these stooges can only bring the destruction and disorder in this beleaguered, misguided nation and may result in tearing apart the fabrics of society. Lawlessness, mass killing, unrest, wide spread anarchy and disorder in the society is but eminent.

 Creation of this lawlessness and disorder that one may foresee is by design which is against the spirit and ethics of Islam.  Allah jala shana hou is against all the creators of disorder in society and admonishes [2:60]”….and commit not iniquity in the earth, creating disorder.” [5:64] “Whenever they kindle a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it. And they strive to create disorder in the earth, and Allah loves not those who create disorder.”

The hideous designs of the politico-religious groups to build their political clout through spread of anarchy fear and terror is sheer trangression. It is uncalled for and amounts to calling for the wrath of God.

Meray wattan Peh Chaaey Hoaay Andheroun ko

Jo Tum kaho; mujhey Qaher e khuda sa lagta hey