Aiwan-e-Sadr being used as a Private Wedding Hall



I am in receipt of an email which I would like to share with the members. Please view the pictures, they speak for themselves.


 Picture Links:   awane-sadr-2 , awane-sadr-3  awan-e-sadr-41


The country is in the state of war; suicide attacks, ever increasing cost of living, shortage of electricity, shortage of funds not enough, even to last for another month.; Financial advisor Mr Shaukat Tareen with his begging bowl, hanging from his shoulder is begging and asking us to believe in him giving false hope to resolve financial crisis through loans may it be from any where. Where as country’s top brass and management is hosting wedding’s at tax payers cost at the top most venue of country; called Aiwan e Sadr.


Pictures show us the extremes. The paucity of funds; crying and begging for loan and at the other hand to host such a lavish parties at the president house – no doubt…. Pakistan must default now.


Furthermore,; it is said that  Mr. President has instructed his service men at Aiwan e sadr to pack up the Expensive crockery and use Low-Price crockery at President House – wow….


I believe that country’s top management is asking us to buy Cake instead of Bread!!!!