Ahmed Bilour of ANP Pulls Out Anti-Ahmadeyya Card


By A Khokar             24 September 2009


In NWFP while in defiance of the verdict given by the Rouet e Hilal, a committee set up by central government which declares the sighting of moon and its appearance and announce the day for Eids; ANP (Awami National Party), Railways Minister, Sofi Ghulam Ahmed Bilour announced that that Muslim countries should celebrate Eid with Saudi Arabia. He took the plea of certain local Mullahs who declared that moon was sighted a day earlier in their area. Accordingly in certain NWFP area Eid was officially celebrated a day earlier than other provinces.

To spice up his statement further, the man pulled out Ahmadeyya card; (the sect since declared Non-Muslims in Pakistan) that who so ever celebrates the Eid other than the local verdict given in NWFP by the ANP is siding with ‘Ahmadies –Non Muslims’ that they were to celebrate their Eid a day later as by all other Muslims in other provinces.

 To pull out Ahmadeyya card and instigate and create the atmosphere of hatred toward Ahmadies is not a new thing. Whenever a religious clout prevalent in the country finds its grip on the masses loose or any other political parties that they find themselves weak and their credibility is seen at stake; in order to deviate masses attention and muster some strength in the lost grounds, they invariably pulled this Ahmadeyya card out and instigated the masses to join hands to march on to the Ahmadeyya sect to carry out killing, arson and looting. The Lahore violence of 1953, the National assembly verdict of 1974 of declaring this sect Non-Muslim by PPP after Dacca fall and later passing an Blasphemous act of 1984 by General Zia ul haque in order to become Ameeul Momineen. Every time they gave a free hand to all the Muslims to kill the Ahmadies at their will —-if they find that some Ahmadi was seen behaving like Muslims or was found preaching;—— that there is one God- Allah and None else worthy of worship except Allah; Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the seal of all the prophets and that he brought us the Divine book of wisdom (Hikmah) and guidance—the Glorious Quran.

 Ever since hundreds and thousands of Ahmadies are killed, maimed and their properties burnt and destroyed. In hundreds Mosques were demolished with the copies of Quran burnt insides. In thousands Ahmadies are put in jails for various crimes and millions more are forced to flee the country and to take asylum in foreign lands.


This is worth noting that why after all ANP minister Ahmed Blour came out with such an instigating statement and has freshen the anti Ahmadeyya sentiments at the time of Eid; whereas ANP declares itself a secular party and its manifesto says that—”The essence of security will be guaranteed among the religious and ethnic minorities”.

 Matter of the fact is that as said earlier, when ever some political or religious group finds itself growing weak or its chips are down they catch this straw of Anti- Ahmadeyya card to stay afloat. Presently all the religious groups after the Swaat operation and its follow up operation in FATA- south Waziristan— Operation Rahe Nijaaat, were being supported by  ANP and earlier allowed freely to fester and grow up as monster in NWFP. On the other hand; ANP while in the government already declared all the NWFP area extending up to Jalal Abad and beyond in Afghanistan—a new country: Pakhtunistan. In 2007, Mega bill boards[1] declaring the entire NWFP as part of Paktunistan were seen erected by ANP all over on the highways of NWFP but for the military operation in Swaat that this motion died down.

As per the ANP website, this year 2009 is declared as ‘Bacha Khan Year’— to accomplish Bacha kahn dreams to see NWFP as a part of new Pakhtunistan. But the religious groups which form a pillar of their strength are seen with their chips down for their own doings. Instigation of anti-Ahmadeyya sentiments at this juncture may certainly be help full to give them a boost. Swaat operation is almost complete and atmosphere of old wide anarchy spread in NWFP has also died down. In order to regain the lost grounds and make way for religious clout—— to provoke some religious issue is but natural. Anti-Ahmadeyya Card is one first option to grab on.

ANP old history reveals that although in 1986 the old known anti Pakistan– National Awami party (NAP) of Bacha khan and their affiliates in order to give a shack to their monotonous ethics found in their party changed its name from National awami party (NAP ) to Awami national party (ANP) and gave a new manifesto to party but their attachment and the eternal influence of Khudai Khidmatgar movement of Bacha khan never ceased and Bacha Khan(Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan ) well known for his anti Pakistan activities; the man who even rejected to be buried after his death in Pakistan; remains their visionary and founding father.


Love for all, Hatred for None


[1]Be Warned; Pakistan is being Blackjacked.

 link: http://www.adab-arz.co.uk/?p=106