After Salman Tahseer, Shahbaz Bhatti; who is Next..?

By A Khokar    March 3, 2011

After killing of the ‘justice seeker’ Salman Taseer; minority minister Mr Shahbaz Bhattiis also killed cold blooded by gunmen believably belonging to one of the many groups working under Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan—TTP and there is

 an outcry that as who would be the next target?

So–some of my friends have chalked out a list as who is Next; Sheeri Rehman, Asma Jehangir, Nawaz Sharif, Farooq Sattar, or Zardari himself?

But for their kind information; Nawaz sharif..? I don’t think so….

Friends might have observed that PML-N leaders are never seen condemning such like attacks explicitly. If we simply call back the 1999 era; we may see that Mukarram Nawaz Sharif while in government was dreaming to become Ameerul Momineen. Religious groups of MMA which included JUI (Fazlur) were offering him the wings to ride on and fulfil his dream—- but sadly the coup of Musharraf came in between and it shattered all those dreams.

That is the bitterness which is carried forward by PML-N and that is why we keep on witnessing intensive Musharraf bashing campaign being run by PML-N on the Media.

As rust never sleeps so was building up of the bigger dream of someone becoming Ameerul Momineen. PML-N leadership on exile stayed out of this equation in Musharraf era; so MMA head by Fazlur came in front and after forming their government in NWFP; rather went one step further and started building a militant force for the same in Malakand- Swat area. CIA saw it a golden opportunity and Fazlur was lured in by CIA to cut a bigger chunk of deal with CIA and his militant group was given a new name as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan—TTP.

CIA supported and nurtured TTP which kept on breeding with Fazlur’s policy of ‘Run deep, Run silent’ and today we find it in a shape of bigger monster spreading anarchy all over in Pakistan.

And neither Zardari may be seen as the next target. Don’t we see that Fazlur while staying as Zardari’s ally has been able to reap enough of his political clout and could wield most potent and lethal weapon made out of blasphemy law.

Lately; very conveniently Fazlur has left the government that the man thinks that killing of Salman Taseer with blasphemy weapon has given him enough strength to form a mega political clout which eventually will bring him to the power. Through by spreading of fear and terror and coercion— they seem to have achieved a good grip on the society.

In the wake of the recent class less, Secular and pro-democracy revolutionary movements in neighbouring Middle East; it was felt as their clout started weaning. This developing situation in Fazulr circle demanded that a target like Mr Shabaz Bhatti be killed with the same weapon lest they lose the grip on the masses.

It is most certain that few more will be killed using Blasphemy weapon that politico-Religious group headed by Fazlur and JI needs to flog, coerce and keep the masses in line behind them.