After Iraq: Manual of ‘Chicago Doctrine’ is opened in Pakistan

Be warned that all the painstaking efforts that Mr. Pervez Musharraf took to groom and nurture his country- Pakistan to embrace the ‘Enlighten Moderation’ in democracy may be ditched all together. As per plan a fully groomed and democratized country has since been handed over to the Politician by President Pervez Musharraf in a plate and to be run on a turn key basis. Some how, the out come of well sought Elections has been that Pakistan could coin a Parliament run by Coalition of two main Parties namely sitting on opposite poles. Although all the powers have been transferred to the newly elected parliament but the government is being run by the authoritarian party leaders of both the parties (being ineligible for elections) while sitting outside of Parliament. The politicians having secured the Parliament and after capturing the rein of government are seen trekking the path of conceit and haughtiness. All the sign are there, that Pakistan is being turned into, an all out authoritarian regime. One may not feel it but a dictatorial style play let of coup lead by Chilean dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, induced by US then in Chile in Seventies, is set to be repeated here.


President Musharraf must have thought that he will see the country being run smoothly under his watch full eyes, progressing in leaps and bounds on his given lines but here we find that all together a different ‘Manual for Action’ has been opened.


This Manual contains the Doctrine of famous Economist Milton Friedman of ‘Chicago School of Economics’ which he prepared in late sixties for implementations at home specially for President Ronald Reagan’s term as this Doctrine was earlier tried and tested in Chile. The Manual tells that how out of blue, crisis full of shocks can be made to erupt and that how the crisis so occurred can be exploited to have a real change in society to achieve an economic out burst! On the eruption of Crisis; there should be no let up for the public; Machiavelli also advices that injuries be ‘inflicted all at once’; other parallel crisis like hyper inflation, price hikes; shortage of essential consumers items like wheat flour, sugar, oil and Gasoline be hyped up; supplies be restricted and severely hyper inflated to the critical exacerbating level and be seen beyond the reach of common man Once crisis has struck, no real action should be taken which may bring some relief for people. All plans should intentionally be delayed and regime of by gone days be extensively maligned for it and exemplary punishment be announced against targeted opponents.


We can very well visualize that how Pakistan has been shocked by the man made crisis initiated prior to Elections (in interim government days); with in few months through an economic shock and Judicial turmoil a prosperous flourishing country has since been turned into impoverished one. Stock Markets are experiencing the crashes on daily basis. There are shortages of commodities across the board, infested with hyper inflation. People spend their days lined up in queues under scorching heat for a bag of wheat flour or tin of cooking oil. Suicides are at increase.


But the teacher says; in order to achieve a ‘Full Blanking’ to make the People forget their past and to erase their memory of good old days; even the sadistic acts be committed with an deliberate intent of terrorizing the public and then be actively harnessed to prepare the grounds for the introduction of radical changes.


The Manual of professor of Economic says that soon after this stage is achieved, it is crucial to act swiftly before the Crisis-racked society slips back into the ‘tyranny of status quo’. He estimates that a new administration has some six to nine months at hand to achieve major changes. In order to win it; it is a scenario of now or never.


It is worth mentioning here that same Manual is found opened in Iraq but with an addition of a chapter of ’savagery and violence’ added by a Milton Friedman’s student; Mr. Donald Rumsfeld. Mr Rumsfeld after adding this new chapter in the Manual termed the Doctrine as ‘Shock and Awe’. In Iraq, people have been forcibly subjugated to achieve the required ‘Blanking’ to see their past memories erased. No let up or any help which may avail any respite or rescue is allowed. Finding no way out the deluded peoples submit to the will of oppressor and turn them self in for further exploitation.


Once the people are found fed up to the brim and are desperately… gasping for some relief; a small window be opened first; followed by rapid-fire transformation of economy, like tax cuts, free trade, privatized services, cuts to social spending and deregulation. Eventually as Chilean people saw that their public school were replaced with voucher funded private one. In Pakistan ‘Benazir cards’ for the poverty ridden class are being introduced. We may be having the most extreme capitalist make over under the authoritarians regime of coalition of two extremist parties (PPP+ Nune league). Country is held to ransom for their dictatorial and authoritative exploitations. What next? Their old pillage and plundering comes to mind.


It is worth pondering that to what avail is the hard earned democracy? When it brings the plunderers and looters in the driving seats?


And the best of the ‘product’ has yet to come?