After Iraq: Manual of ‘Chicago Doctrine’ is opened in Pakistan-Part 2

In Chile General Augusto Pinochet came to power on the advice of US Economist Milton Friedman, through a violent coup. To achieve the first stage of ‘Shock Doctrine’ he carried out savage killing to take over the country. Torture of immediate opponents and gross humiliation of elites was conducted at vast scale to terrorise the civil society. He was told that such atrocious shocks, when made to erupt, no leeway must be given to public to escape its impacts. Golden rule that Injuries must be ‘inflicted all at once’; to keep the people deluded, be adopted and let the people wander in a state of sensory deprivation.

In Pakistan also, the state of moral depletion and national degradation are not that differant; the famous ‘U’ turn of General Pervez Musharraf to act as US proxy after 9/11;  the massive killing of our own citizens in Fata and on Pak–Afghan Border at the hands of our own forces on US dictates and handing over of hundreds of personals to US, which gave us a label of ‘Terrorist Nation’; the defaming news of well publicised, abase training of Miss Benazir Bhutto imparted in US to come home and act as a US robot (proxy) in Pakistan; later a selective amnesty and issue of NRO to hand over a clean slate to the plunders and looters of Pakistan; all are but degrading factors  implied containing enough of humiliating venom to paralyse and erode the sense of Self pride of a nation like Pakistan and make the people delude.

Before sowing new seed and to attain a bumper yield of sown crops; the grounds need be prepared, cleared of many weeds and made ready in a total ‘Blank form’. One can very well see that Miss Bhutto initiated this ‘Blanking phase’  of ‘Friedman’s Doctrine’ [1], soon after her arrival in Pakistan. Although she was on a ‘parole’ of ‘NRO’, to remain obliged to Musharraf and be restricted to the given out lines but her turning to the venomous rhetoric against the dictatorial regime of Musharraf was unique and very glaring. With this back ground the tragic incidents which followed; the savage  attack on Miss Bhutto’s caravan in Karachi on her arrival in Pakistan and later her slaying at Liaqat bagh, Rawalpindi along with her party members were devastating. Other innumerable loss of lives in various suicide bombing, in and around Islamabad and in other cities, altogether had created enough of violence, anarchy and mayhem in the country to avail a ‘required state of crises’ to be exploited to take it further for formal Blanking; After Miss Bhutto demise the same is taken over by Ex-PM Nawaz Sharife, who with his calculated and well measured stance is making clever moves to thrust it further. He is capitalising on the ‘Judiciary and its controversial restoring issue’; (the phase that we are going through now). Here we find the group of advocates supposedly the elites of our civil society, seen as the most ill advised group to plea their case with such absurdity and are seen playing in the hand of politician [2]. Knowing or unknowingly, they are found geared up as ‘active agents’ of politicians to fulfil their vicious designs. Judiciary and politics may not be considered as birds of a feather. This  ill-designed movement is bound to perish and fall at its own feet. They are only helping to exacerbate the Crises for the benefit of Nawz Sharife, who is all out to grab the constitutional power of President entrusted in President by Clause 58 (2) B with the help of lawyers; by ousting Pervez Musharraf before this that Parliament decides to curtail or undo this clasue of power otherwise. The old flame and dream to be called as ‘Amirul Momoneen’ is at its stake.

Any how we have got the real Crisis! Economist Milton Friedman says, “Only a crisis produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.” Catastrophic events are both extremely profitable to corporate and to allow the governments to push through the agenda of the planned radical changes. Blanking is attained by keeping the heat of maligning of opponents on at a full throttle; so that people should denounce and curse their past. Slogan of treason charges and even hanging the old Maestro Musharraf are at their high pitch. The out spoken witness like Musharraf has to be silenced and silenced for good; like Saddam Hussein; a prime witness of Iraq invasion was sent down the gallows by a show trails and silenced for good.

After 9/11, Musharraf was caught off- handed and having threatened by US to turn Pakistan to some stone age; he was coerced to act as US proxy in US ‘Global War against Terror’. His decision may be said as controversial, disgraceful but one can visualize that under the circumstances; he only accepted US terms to save guard his country- Pakistan. One should look around and see; how the others in this region behaved; were the other regimes in the Middle East able to avert the US invasion of Iraq and subsequent onslaught of American hegemonic adventurism in Middle East and beyond? Were we in a position then to say No to US? Or have we also lost our touch with reality as a nation and have become real schizophrenic? And are we  finding our selves plunged into some sensory deprivation that we do not realize and know that our Military has always been there, a part and parcel of our political life? This has been a norm that when ever our politician found them selves immersed in plundering, pilferages to their ears and in order to escape the Accountability; that they remained fearful of the time of their virtual exposure; when they would revert back to their respective constituencies for votes to answer. They invariably adopted an easy way out; they created a situation; to hand over the rein to the Military and get away with the booties. The norms that we are so used to! [3]

It is a strange world; isn’t it? Same old Musharraf; our man; is now being maligned. He is also no more a blue eyed person of United States except that US may bare him to stay in the office till coming November that US Presidential elections may come to pass and beleaguered US Bush administration has some face saving that her all Allies of ‘War on Terror’ including Musharraf were at least intact before this that they were finally off the scene, ready to pack up from White House.

Fairness of business demands that when the Maestro like Pervez Musharraf with his all ‘Might and Right’ is all out to hand over the government that too fully turned into a democratic and a viable state, ready to be turned on; we must count our blessing and show magnanimity as a nation and let the credit go to most deserving who is made it possible.

*Phalla phoola rahey ya rab; chaman meri umeedun ka*Jigar ka khoon dey dey kar; yeh bootay main ney palay hain

[1] Blanking is when people are made to forget the memories of better days in the past. [2] Paraee shadi main Mirza dewana. [3]. If the previous Q-league which brought real good changes in upcoming of society in Punjab; if they have lost in election for their such good deeds, every body else could loose.