The land where Betrayal is the Norm


By A Khokar   September 16, 2010

There is no doubt that; no one from our present day political arena may measure up to the dynamism and extraordinary wielding shown by President Pervez Musharraf during his golden era. He was the man who has been striving hard for the well being of this country and has done marvels in the fields of economy. This country  progressed in leaps and bounds in many fields and very rightly the prosperity and enlightenment was brought in the lives of peoples.

But there is a unique depressing dilemma attached to all this prosperity— which is seen confronting this nation all the times. The economic marvels were although brought forward by Musharraf’s team of some brilliant technocrats like Shaukat Aziz and others…. but sadly this prosperity was not earned by the hard work of people of Pakistan themselves. This all was got at cost; whereby Pakistan as a country was sold out to American in the name of front state of American lead phony war waged against an imaginary web of terrorism— since created in our FATA area.

Pakistan had wilfully agreed to play as decoy to help, up keep the American preferred pretext of terrorism and declared some of its own areas as the dens of so called terrorists and allowed the American to treat it as targets.

During all this it can be said that in the conduct of this war; American whims and will was served— for which, Pakistan was handsomely paid. This has been an awful state of affairs. Hypocritically and shamelessly this has been the conduct of Pakistan, all the times; where Pakistan was consistently asked and insisted to do more. In this slavish conduct adopted by Pakistan as it was also visible to outside world– which can be termed as Pakistan has its; Ankhain meri; baqi oun ka.

It is known fact that ever since Pakistan is seen kneeling in front of American to comply with their will and wishes—and conducted itself simply a decoy. This is sheer degradation of a nation where by its people as well as its Armed forces are being coerced to become the mercenaries and receive monies.

Shamelessly keeping mum on American drones attacks on our own people even today is one such example….of belligerent outlandish nation.

But can we all pelt the above filth simply on Musharraf alone and feel free of any kind of charges and seen shredding our responsibilities.

What about our history? Ironically— our past shows that the people living on the mouth of Hindukush and kirthar ranges (the mountain and lands which now constitute Pakistan), since ages have hypocritically been acting as Mercenaries. Betrayed of own people and their land is the norm of this area. They have very willingly accepted monies; betrayed their own kings, tribes and slain their Maliks — to help pass all the invaders through this area going to deep main land India and get paid.

On this account; to act as mercenaries probably it is in our blood. No surprise—after Pakistan (which includes us all) in war against terror— TTP is another such example in the present day and time.

‘Sleeping with the enemy’* is one such thing that we all are loving it…. Musharraf is not alone in it. Please do not blame him. (Koi pather na marey meray Dewaney ko)

Please do read an article; ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ if you can. Link here: