A negative perception about Pakistan is wilfully being built

By A Khokar  August 01, 2010

It seems the heavy weight Wikileaks has wilfully indicted Pakistan, an ally and a front state in war against terror, playing a double game of abetting the so called US enemy —Taliban. This revelation is made at the time when owing to the fiercest resistance of Taliban the USA is finding its stay in Afghanistan as untenable. All the other coalition forces are also looking for their exits and US is left alone ——-and with no victory in sight. It is ready to retreat dismayed and defeated.

At this stage indicting Pakistan and its ISI is a big covert move and it perhaps a futile US pentagon effort to build a negative perception against Pakistan and its ISI; that they being an ally—-are harbouring the enemy called—Taliban.

The cartoon depicting a deceit like above being widely circulated especially in US Neocons circles is highly objectionable.

This perception may secure some leverage for US lead NATO forces that if need be US reserve the right and may be justified on this pretext to extend the war beyond Afghan borders and take into Pakistan the way it was extended to Cambodia at the end of Vietnam War.

As a front state in war against terror; Pakistan is faced with a severe depletion of its economy and has alone suffered a far greater military causalities than the whole of NATO forces that they have suffered while engaged in this war.

The Irony is that very covertly CIA has trained and raised a highly paid fake Taliban force as mercenaries with in Pakistan in the name of: Tehrik e Taliban (TTP). This force disguise as religious fundamentalist has brought havoc in the country. Suicidal actions, killings and destruction have become the daily norms and so far some 28000 civilians have been killed in this CIA supported subversive actions and country has suffered an enormous loss of some 80 billion Dollars.

On the other hand; US drone attacks which usually target civilians, is itself a major cause that terrorism is being kept alive. Every one civilian killed is producing some 6 more terrorists.

 If Pakistan as US ally in previous Afghan war against Soviet Union can help make US the lone super power of the world; rest assure Pakistanis

are notch above the rest. They know better and may not undermine United States position in this region and may not abandon its friend like the US did previously.

Pakistanis they know how to live with honour and dignity and let other– to live with honour too; their religion–Islam teaches them as such.